Parent Presentation Topics

Parent Presentation Topics

Cindy Goldrich, Ed. M., ACAC is an experienced speaker and recognized expert on ADHD, Executive Function, and parenting.  She offers powerful insights, compassionate understanding and specific tools and strategies to help parents and educators empower children who have ADHD.

Presentations can be arranged for small and large groups – parent groups, teachers, and school administrators, associations, conferences, etc.

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Top Ten Strategies for Parenting your Child or Teen with ADHD

Living with ADHD is not easy.  Not for parents, not for siblings, and most of all, not for the child with ADHD.  We have learned so much in the past 10 years to help ease the path for these children both in school and at home.
This presentation covers the essential strategies parents must implement to help their children not just survive, but also thrive.  You will learn about the best supports for your child, the facts about ADHD beyond the diagnosis, and how to best prepare them and yourselves for the journey ahead.

Skills for Success – What parents need to know about Executive Function

Executive Functions are the cognitive skills needed for academic performance, social skills, and life skills.  Commonly, these are the skills utilized to organize, plan, initiate, manage emotion, shift maintain focus and use working memory.  They govern the HOW you do what you DECIDE to do.  This presentation will briefly explain how Executive Function skills are developed and will include tips, tools, and strategies parents can use to promote optimal success in all aspects of life.

Ready, Get Set, Learn: How to Jumpstart your Child to Start his Work

Often times we see our children stall, postpone (without an actual plan to do), or simply avoid doing their work. Getting started for many children (and adults!) is about feeling READY to begin: Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally. Tackling each of these issues in advance will make it easier to actually START, but the thought of preparing to work feels like added effort – and is often avoided.
This workshop will address helping kids actually begin their work at an appropriate time.

The Impact of “Mindset” on Learning

Research has shown us that how we perceive our ability to learn greatly impacts our confidence, motivation, and perseverance.  This presentation explores the lessons all parents and educators need to know in order to improve student’s motivation to learn and willingness to face learning challenges.  We will explore the how to best help children see themselves as learners and how to best support them in developing perseverance in the face of challenge.

Back to Basics: ADHD 101

Health experts say that ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is the most common behavioral disorder that starts during childhood. Although it’s hard to predict who will develop ADHD or exactly why it occurs, the good news is that, with proper treatment, the prognosis for people with ADHD is good — they can lead extremely successful lives once they learn how to manage the disorder.

This workshop will help to answer the following questions: What is ADHD? What are the general signs of ADHD in children? What causes ADHD? How is ADHD diagnosed and treated? What is not ADHD?

Time Management – It’s a Family Affair

From after school activities, to homework, to chores… oh, and your life too! Tips on being proactive in setting up structures for a calmer, more orderly flow to your day. Also focuses on teaching these life skills to your children.

Getting your Family organized for Success!

Help your children, and your whole family, develop organizational strategies that will work for them for home, school, and life. This presentation will cover using technology, software, and hands on materials to help them take control over their environments. We will also address how organization strategies can be writing, other schoolwork, rooms, and life!

Fidgets and Gadgets

Discover why some children MUST fidget to stay alert and how they can do so in appropriate ways. Learn tips and tools on helping kids stay on task and be productive with their time management and study skills.

What is ADHD Coaching and How Can it Help?

ADHD Coaching can offer valuable support for people with ADHD.  This presentation explores what coaching is, how it differs from and supports therapy, and who it can be most helpful for.

ADHD Parent Coaching

Help your child develop a strong ability to appropriately advocate for his needs while respecting and working with those around him including family members, teachers and friends. Provide your children with the life skills they need to gain confidence and independence at age appropriate stages.

It’s a New Year – It’s a New Beginning

How to help your child get organized and truly set for a positive school year. How to communicate with your children’s teacher right from the start and help your children advocate for themselves appropriately.

Goal Setting… And Creating a Plan to Achieve Them

Setting goals that are effectively motivational and creating a plan that provides a true opportunity for success may have eluded you in the past. Explore what has gotten in the way and learn new strategies for setting and achieving important goals.

ADD and loving it?!… Award winning documentary

This film is a groundbreaking blend of humor, hope, and science that dispels the myths about a controversial disorder – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Comedian Patrick McKenna seeks a diagnosis for ADHD and learns the facts from an impressive array of experts (some of whom have ADHD themselves!) including medical researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, and award-winning authors. Along the way Patrick reveals how ADHD affects his life as a husband and father and even shares candid moments as he and his wife Janis work on the steps toward his diagnosis. Following the film I facilitate a discussion and answer questions regarding ADHD.

Just what is ADHD – Beyond “Hyperactive, Distractible, and Impulsive”

This workshop is designed for medical professionals and mental health providers.  Explore the proposed changes in the upcoming DSM-V and hear about the most current research and information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.


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