What is so Difficult about Doing Homework?

Okay, you have resolved some of the more obvious issues.   You have systems in place to help ensure that the proper information and materials arrive home with our child.  Your child has been given a second set of books to keep at home.  Yet, somehow, getting the homework completed at a quality level and returned to school in a timely manner is still a concern.  What is your role, what are your resources, and what are your options?  The first part of this question is perhaps the most intriguing.  If you have a child who struggles, even battles, when it comes to completing homework perhaps the first place to look is at your personal philosophy about what your responsibility is here and the beliefs you project to your child.

For a majority of children, completing homework is a fact of life.  While they may not enjoy it, and may in fact struggle at times, they accept that it is part of their daily routine 10 months of the year.  Then there are the “other” kids.  The one’s who avoid or resist completing homework for a variety of reasons.  Where it’s not just a matter of supporting them in their efforts, rather it’s a battle to get them to actually DO the work. [Read more]

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