What Accommodations and Modifications will best support your Child’s learning?

At this point in the school year, many parents are noticing that their children are struggling and they are looking toward the school for more guidance and support.   For many children, it’s not the content of the academics that is creating the difficulty, but rather the process of learning and performing that is most challenging. 

Accommodations & Modifications for Kids with ADHD

Students who have ADHD and/or Executive Function deficits have difficulty with impulse control, slower processing speed, staying organized, managing their time and other challenges that, if not addressed, can severely hamper their ability to reach their potential.

There are several accommodations and modifications that can help reduce the added pressure these deficits create, while allowing the student to more accurately demonstrate what they know and have learned. 

Many of these can be informally provided by the classroom teacher; however for the best assurance that these services will be provided and for consistency across the years of schooling, it is often best, when possible, to receive these services as part of a 504 Plan or an IEP (Individual Education Plan).

I have attached a list of Accommodations and Modifications as a reference to help you see what type of support your child might require.  As the parent, you often know your child best.  It is important to speak up and advocate in your child’s best interest.  Depending on your child’s specific learning situation, you may request additional services that are unique to your child. 

When you approach your child’s team, be armed with knowledge of how your child is impacted by different challenges and be open to working together with the team to develop the best interventions for your child.   As always, please contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Please Click Here for the Accommodations and Modifications List

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