Finding a proper diagnosis and effective treatments for ADHD – not always easy.

confusionI recently received a call from a parent in the midwest who was looking for support for her teenage daughter.  She lives a few hours outside of a major city and, like many, had consulted the internet in her search for help.  She felt she had exhausted all of her local resources and was still not feeling that she had found someone who could provide effective diagnostic work and medication management.  I spent time helping her navigate the CHADD Resource Directory ( to find people geographically closer to her to network with.  Sadly, the closest person we found to start her networking was still 2 hours away.

When I do public presentations I am often asked for resources for ADHD Coaches, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Neuropsychologists, Educational Tutors and other professionals who support people struggling with ADHD.  As more parents are becoming educated about ADHD, fortunately they are seeking out professionals who are knowledgable and can help them understand, treat and support their children.  Unfortunately, in many areas of the country there are not enough trained ADHD professionals.  Add to that the lack of insurance coverage for most testing and treatment leaves many families struggling more than is reasonable.

Resources, Tools & Treatments for ADHD

To help parents and adults seeking diagnosis and treatment for ADHD I have put together a basic guide on my website: ADHD Diagnosis and Therapy that covers what is involved in a diagnosis and what the various treatment options are.  Here on Long Island we now have the Long Island Professionals ADHD Consortium (LIPAC) which is a fantastic, multi-disciplinary network of professionals.  We meet monthly for Professional Development and to expand our knowledge and interaction with one another to more effectively support the public.

For those who are outside of Long Island, I offer you these resources for finding professionals in your area:

CHADD Resource Directory

Additude Magazine ADHD Directory

ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) Find Your Coach

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) Professional Directory

If you know any professionals in your area who may be interested in forming an Professionals ADHD Consortium, I would be happy to speak with them regarding how we formed ours and to help them get one started in your area as well.  Knowledge is power – and so is finding the right people with the right knowledge!



ADDitude ACO





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