Lost at School by Ross Green

Lost at school

As a follow up to his immensely successful and insightful book, The Explosive Child, Ross Greene has brought us inside the complex world of children and teachers in school with his book, Lost At School.

Dr. Greene elaborates on the use of Collaborative Problem Solving, the recognized evidence-based practice that has been successful in helping children who struggle to manage frustration and flexibility, often resulting in their “explosive” behaviors or “meltdowns.” Through the use of real life scenarios woven throughout the book, Dr. Greene is able to clearly demonstrate the positive outcomes that result when teachers and administrators integrate the steps of Collaborative Problem Solving with children and teens.

Recognizing that children with behavioral problems are often lacking the appropriate skills needed to self-manage, CPS teaches these students needed skills and helps them solve problems in a collaborative, mutually satisfactory manner.

Dr. Greene has succeeded in writing a masterpiece as he follows Joey, his mother, teachers, school psychologist and administrators through their journey of exploration and recognition of the benefits of this “Plan B” approach.  I found myself crying as I was drawn into the lives of these children. I felt not just the pain of their being isolated and misunderstood, but their joy, relief and even triumph as they were able to, perhaps for the first time, feel themselves being heard, understood and truly cared about. I watched as they and their teachers found a new and deeper way to communicate and move forward.

Teachers and administrators are treated with the utmost respect as Dr. Greene brings to life the true struggles and wonderful opportunities they face each day in impacting the lives of children. He addresses the depths of the social, emotional and behavioral challenges kids and their caretakers often face and demonstrates well his belief that “Behind every challenging behavior is an unsolved problem or a lagging skill.” He reminds us often that “Kids do well when they can.” Dr. Greene has given us the tools to help them do just that!

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