When Your Child Really Doesn’t Care About School

I would like to share a new article that I wrote for ImpactADHD last week. Here is an excerpt and the link to the original on their website below…

back to schoolThe start of school is just around the corner and already you feel that pit in your stomach.  How are you going to motivate your kid to work in school this year?  The fear that your child might not put sufficient effort into schoolwork raises real alarms:

  • Does he realize what is at stake?
  • Will he regret not trying until it’s too late to turn things around?
  • What about college — will he be closing doors to his future?

As parents, we cannot control their behavior, only some of their options. Like a bumper sticker I once saw reads, “They can send me to college, but they can’t make me think!”

Why Doesn’t Your Child Care?

Kids are motivated at all times – they are just not always motivated by our agenda or what we think is appropriate. Lack of desire in school is often related to one of three things that I specify in the original article, which you can read here: http://www.impactadhd.com/overcome-school-challenges/child-really-doesnt-care-school/

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