3 Quick Tips for Learning

Taking the Stress Out of Learning with Three Quick Tips

  1. Stressed brains don’t learn well. Make sure you set yourself up for success
    1. Learn relaxing breathing techniques. Even 1 minute can make a difference.
    2. Find a “go to” exercise. Something short, brisk, easy to do just to break the tension in your body. Set yourself up in an environment conducive to peaceful learning for you. For some people, this might mean empty and silent, for others this may mean full and with music.
    3. Make sure you are well hydrated and have fuel (food) in your belly.
  2. Know your “go to” ways to best memorize material you need to know. Keep in mind that your best “go to” may vary based on the subject matter. For example:
    1. Re-writing notes
    2. Making/using flashcards
    3. Studying with a buddy
    4. Annotating the reading
  3. Plan breaks in advance and then keep to your plan. Keep in mind that Breaks Boost Learning. Neurotransmitters needed for memory construction and attention are depleted after as little as ten minutes of doing the same activity.  A break can simply mean changing position, changing the mode of learning, or grabbing a quick snack.  Brain-breaks let the brain chemicals replenish. Decide how long you will work each sitting and resist distracting actions by writing them down to do later. Creating an effective plan and sticking to it will help you plow through your work more quickly and efficiently.

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