“Happy Birthday, Dear! You Have ADHD!” (Published in ADDitude Magazine Fall 2015)

I recently heard from an ADDitude Magazine reader looking for help:

“My daughter just turned 15 and, as a not so happy birthday present, she was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. She did well in elementary school, but is struggling in high school.

She seems depressed and has grown quiet. She now takes ADHD medication, but what else can we do to help her succeed in school and feel better about herself? How can we help her at home? Should we have her see a therapist?”

Feel Comfortable with the ADHD Diagnosis

Don’t view your daughter’s ADHD diagnosis as a “not so- happy birthday present.”

Getting a diagnosis means that you now know how her brain is wired—you know her strengths and challenges. She will now be able to understand why she has difficulties in school and at home. While her natural intelligence probably got her through earlier grades, her previously undiagnosed ADHD traits probably contributed to her hitting the wall in high school.

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