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Are you ready to see more Cooperation and end the Homework Battles?
Would you like your child to learn Organizational and Time Management skills?
Are you ready to experience a Happier, more Successful Student?

We all know that children and teens with ADHD/Executive Function challenges need support at home, as well as at school. As parents, you need support, too!  You also need relief from trying to manage homework along with everything else. A tutor would be a good start. How about a tutor who is a trained teacher who is also knowledgeable about the specific support your child needs to thrive in school — and life?

Introducing PTS Coaching Tutors: In-home tutoring by Certified Teachers who understand ADHD and Executive Function Challenges

PTS coaching tutors

Through PTS COACHING TUTORS, I now offer a cadre of Certified Teachers, fully trained (by me) to be in-home tutors. PTS COACHING TUTORS understand your child’s ADHD and Executive function challenges and their impact on learning. Your teacher/tutor will bring plenty of tips, tools and strategies to help your child learn as s/he learns best. Never let your relationship with your child suffer at the altar of homework again.

We don’t provide Bandaids – we build skills!

Your child/teen can now enjoy a one-on-one teaching/tutoring relationship with someone who understands their needs and challenges and can help them feel good about themselves as learners. In addition to help with academic subjects, your teacher/tutor offers targeted support to help build Executive Function skills, self-awareness, self-motivation, tenacity and, ultimately, more efficient and rewarding learning. Your child or teen will discover their best learning style and become empowered to advocate for their needs.


Advantages for You, the Parent

  • Remove yourself from power struggles over homework assignments and compliance
  • Confidence that your child is learning how  to study for quizzes and tests
  • Confidence that learning techniques used are appropriate to your child (e.g., movement and breaks are incorporated into the lesson plan to improve focus and tenacity)
  • Awareness of your child’s best learning style – a powerful tool as they progress from grade to grade
  • Pride as you watch your child develop into a more cooperative, efficient and confident student

Advantages for Your Child/Teen

  • Learns to develop concrete strategies to deal with their ADHD and Executive Function challenges
  • Learns to see and internalize an overall approach for managing homework: from remembering to bring assignments home to devoting an appropriate amount of time to remembering to turn work in on time
  • Learns effective time management skills
  • Learns organizational skills
  • Learns study skills that will keep their interest and help them understand and retain more information
  • Learns strategies to improve focus and incorporate breaks to improve productivity and tenacity
  • Learns how to set realistic goals
  • Learns their best learning style (which should follow them from grade to grade)
  • Develops a relationship with a professional who encourages optimism that they can succeed

Typical Topics Covered:

  • Managing homework more effectively
  • Learning study skills for quizzes and tests
  • Developing an organizational system
  • Increasing focus
  • Reading strategies
  • Writing skills
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Breaking long-term projects down into manageable chunks

One of the best gifts you can give your child: the confidence to succeed at school.

PTS coaching tutors

Note: While the PTS COACHING TUTORS program is currently available only on Long Island, plans are underway to expand into Manhattan and eventually, nationwide.


Help is on the way!

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