CHADD: Teaching Grit, Perseverance and Frustration Tolerance with Robin Maggio

Robin Maggio with CHADD presents and interviews Cindy for their webcast series “Ask the Expert Educator Edition”. This excerpt is from the CHADD website archive page (now on YouTube):

“…Learning new content can happen through instruction, opportunities to practice the information, as well as time and effort. However, the ability of students to succeed academically does not solely rely on curriculum. The ability to regulate emotional and cognitive impulses greatly impacts a student’s ability to succeed academically and elsewhere in life.

You can help students succeed by teaching them to embrace challenges and persevere. In this webinar, you will learn strategies to build on students’ strengths, praise with impact and teach self-motivation. Teaching these and other social emotional learning tools will allow you to help students develop their ability to sustain their focus, manage their frustration, and persevere to achieve their goals…”

Original webcast is here:

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