Hard Work Breeds Success

From struggle comes strength; That inner knowing that you can face challenges in life head on and push through them.  Brooke Leon is a wonderful example of that truth.  She is a student in 10th grade and has written this reflective essay for me to share with all of you.  Notice her awareness, her pride, her insights, and her honesty.  This is a woman ready to face the world head on.  And she has been guided on her journey by an equally wonderful mother, Andrea Leon, whom I am proud to say is an Alumni of my work and is now one of my cadre of trained ADHD Parent Coaches. Please encourage your children to reflect and share their own growth.  It is not always easy to notice the incremental changes, but as we reflect on the broader picture, we get to see the journey in a grander light.

Hard Work Breeds Success

Brooke is a young intelligent girl, who lives in New Jersey.  Life changed after one ordinary day when she came home from Jewish Day school and sat down in her living room with her dad on her right and her mom to the left. The girl who had her parents sitting on both sides of her is me. That day, my life changed drastically, when I heard I was going to be attending a new school. I had to move schools since I had Dyslexia and ADHD. My Day School did not know how to handle Dyslexia or ADHD in the proper manner.  Dyslexia is when one has a hard time learning to read or to comprehend words, letters and other symbols. However, this does not affect one’s intelligence. ADHD is a chronic state that affects millions of youngsters and often continues into one’s adulthood. This disorder is a combination of persistent complications, such as having a difficult time in paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. These disorders have not made me a frail girl, it has just made me stronger, courageous and determined.

Throughout my childhood, I have learned that I had to be persistent. I have formed a daily schedule which I follow each and every school day, and on the weekends I use that time to have fun. For example, I wake up each morning at six and get home around five. Then, I do my homework with my tutor or on my own. I’m super fortunate to have one on one tutoring with caring teachers.  After completing all of my school work, I  make time to either attend the gym or go out to dinner with my family.  In my free time, I like taking pictures for my photography club, attending hikes with the hiking club and writing articles for my school newspaper.

Even though my Dyslexia has caused me to face difficulties with reading and ADHD has given me problems with staying on task and focused, I have learned how to cope with these challenges through hard work and the scheduling I have mentioned. I am able to succeed and excel in all my classes. In addition, there has not yet been a semester where I did not make it on either honor roll or headmaster’s list. In conclusion, remember that you too can conquer any disability that is parked on your path of life and you can get your car moving again on your highway to success, the same way I did!




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