How do I get my kids to talk TO me, instead of AT me…

My latest article that appeared in the CHADD Attention Magazine Winter 2017-18 edition.

Conversations with our kids are not always easy. Sometimes it feels as if they just are not listening. Other times it seems that, with all our efforts, we cannot get our children to share their thoughts, concerns, or even their desires. Or perhaps they are sharing, but not in a way that is appropriate, timely, or helpful.

And to complicate matters, one of the greatest challenges parents of children with ADHD face is that they have a difficult time helping their children manage frustration and anger. This is because inherent in the diagnosis of ADHD is usually a difficulty in managing self-regulation skills. Those are the skills that give us the ability to pause, reflect, and communicate our concerns and desires effectively.

Complicating the struggles that parents have with their children is that the parents themselves often struggle to communicate effectively in the moment without adding their own anger or frustration into the conversation. After all, it’s not easy trying to manage our own emotions in the midst of an emotional storm.

So, what can we do to help kids communicate more effectively?

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE (PDF): How Do I Get My Kid to Talk TO Me, Not AT me or NOT At All

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