The Parenting Bicycle: How bumpy is your ride?

As a parent, there are many different roles you play in your children’s lives.  And if you are parenting a child who as attentional, behavioral, or learning challenges you need to know more, do more, and worry more. 

Paying attention to all the different aspects of treatment and having the proper knowledge and support is vital in helping you and your child succeed and thrive!

The Parenting Wheel of Life is a straightforward and easy to use tool to help you explore the concept of “balance” in your life.  How satisfied are you with your success with each role you play? Which are the areas that you want to improve on?

Above are two samples of Wheels that represent some of the different aspects of parenting. Complete each wheel to discover which areas of your parenting you feel satisfied in and which areas you want to enhance for your whole family’s balance.

Look at each wheel and think about your level of satisfaction with each life area.  The center of the wheel represents NOT SATISFIED and the outer edge represents VERY SATISFIED.  Feel free to change or add the labels to reflect your life’s concerns.

Now ask yourself “What single action step can I take that would have the greatest impact on improving my satisfaction in this area?”  Do you have the knowledge, tools, and support to make these changes happen?

Summer is a great time to work on the foundational core of your home and family life.  As a Parent Coach, I am here to help you bring about the systemic and meaningful changes you want to see for your family.  With knowledge, resources, valuable insights, support, and accountability we can bring back balance and joy into your lives.

You are never alone in this journey!



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