Available for Your School:  Supporting Teachers and Parents: Addressing the Social and Emotional Impact on Us All – Live-Webinar Discussions

Now that the initial adjustments on online learning have been made, I know that teachers and parents are feeling the stress and pressure as this temporary reality drags on. 

Some schools that I consult with have asked me to provide support for parents and educators to address the Social and Emotional impact this is having on all involved (parents, students, and teachers)

Live Webinars for Teachers and Parents During the Pandemic

At some schools, I will be facilitating online conversations with parents and staff (separately) to address some of the issues that each group is facing. 

I believe it is important to help parents and teachers understand what the other is experiencing and struggling with, in a non-judgmental, safe, and productive discussion. 

Through these online discussions, we will share, communicate, and problem-solve in a way that benefits everyone; students, parents, and teachers.


  1. How do I manage my child while I have to work as well?
  2. How do I help my child get started, independently no less?
  3. What is reasonable to expect of my child when it comes to completing assignments?
  4. How can I best organize, or help my child organize, what the teachers send out so that my child (and I) have a better understanding of what to do each day?
  5. What do we want to take away from this “altered experience” that was positive and potentially incorporate moving forward?


  1. How can I best support the parents who are feeling overwhelmed? 
  2. How can I best manage the parents whose expectations of me and/or their child may be unrealistic given the current situation?
  3. What are some helpful ways to approach the end of the year to help students feel complete, settled, and optimistic that they will not be overwhelmed or behind the next school year?  This will be especially important for the students who will be transitioning to a new school.
  4. As the year winds down, what are some ways we can collaborate with the upper class to ensure a smooth transition for each student?  What are the main issues we will need to address?
  5. What do we want to take away from this “altered experience” that was positive and potentially incorporate moving forward?


Please contact me to schedule live-interactive webinars for your community.

Overall, as I saw in a great meme – Maslow before Blooms. We know that without calm, there is no learning.  Even with the best of intentions we need not lose sight of how hard this is to sustain a new type of reality, temporary as it may be.  We must help everyone involved feel relaxed, hopeful, and optimistic.

May you be safe,
May you be healthy,
May you be resilient.
My best, Cindy

Cindy Goldrich
[email protected]

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