Professional ADHD & Executive Function Parent Coach Training

For more than a decade, I have been supporting parents through the most perplexing and stressful challenges they have ever faced – helping the children, whom they love so dearly, learn to become their best selves. Along the way, I have seen parents go through tremendous personal growth, and I have seen marriages go from contentious to supportive. They share with me their stories of success, large and small. Reports of less arguing and ignoring rules, deeper, more meaningful communication, joyful time spent together, and improved grades and school reports.

Parenting is not easy, especially when a child has attentional, behavioral, or learning challenges. I believe that parents parent out of love, intuition, and logic. However, when they have a complex child, parents need specific knowledge, tools, and strategies to help them make systemic changes in how they approach parenting and teach their children.

The Value of Specifically Trained ADHD/EF Experts for Parent Coaching

  • ADHD is a complex neurobiological disorder, and it can impact all areas of learning, motivation, and behavior. Executive Function skills must be developed and supported. Parents need a professional with current, research-based knowledge, tools, and strategies to guide them as they work with their children.
  • Even the most loving couples don’t always see parenting through the same lens. The stress this often creates between parents can place a strain on their marriage and the family system, often risking detrimental lifelong consequences for all involved.  
  • Parents often take signs of disrespect, lack of effort, and defiance as indicators that they need to be stricter and have tighter boundaries. This is often ineffective and risks creating more chaos and stress.  
  • Typical “behavior modification” models that focus on rewards and punishments (which most parents find don’t work anyway) don’t get to the core issues creating the challenges, so transferrable skills are not learned, and systemic change is not accomplished.  
  • Outside therapies and interventions that are child-centered may not have a strong, consistent impact on children when parents do not have the skills and insights to adjust the family dynamics. Parents need their own expertise.
  • Parent Coaches can help parents see how their own assumptions, expectations, and communication style may be serving to hinder rather than enhance their support for their children.

Join this Growing Profession

 Next Training Begins Monday, July 6th

This training is led by ADHD and Parenting expert, Cindy Goldrich. It is based on her decade’s work of supporting parents and incorporating the most valuable, researched-based information about ADHD, Executive Function, behavioral challenges, and learning challenges.

The training consists of 20 hours of live-interactive class and additional “buddy” sessions to further enhance learning. Each class is recorded, allowing those for whom the live sessions are difficult to attend, an opportunity to take the course off-line.   

Participants will be trained to facilitate Cindy’s widely recognized Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© parent workshop series for groups and to incorporate her parenting model into their private client sessions.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive 30 CEU’s from ICF and CCE-Global coaching organizations.

This training is open to Mental Health professionals, Professional Coaches, Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Speech Pathologist, School Psychologists, and Parents/ Caregivers committed to helping families impacted by ADHD/EF challenges thrive.

Please go to this link for more information about the training.

If you are a parent in need of one-on-one Coaching, please click here to request a session or email Cindy with questions.