How Do We Bridge This Divide That is Gripping Our Nation?

My Dear People,

Words sometimes feel inadequate.  So many emotions and trials of the soul colliding at once.  I want to share an article with you that I wrote the week before the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder.  Please – as those of you who have ever worked with me know, we must find a way to reach one another, to have an open dialogue.  It is the only way parents and educators can teach kids skills, and adults can effect meaningful, lasting change.

Resources for Bridging the Divide

It’s all about our Connection – the only way to ever systemically solve problems. 

Please read and share my latest article published in Elephant Journal:
How Do We Bridge This Divide That is Gripping Our Nation?

Below are several conversations and organizations, large and small, that are dedicated to bringing people together in meaningful ways for opportunities to bridge our divide.
  Please check them out and consider joining one that speaks to your heart.

Common Ground Committee:

Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy:

Make America Dinner Again:

We Talk Real Talk:

May you be safe.
May you be healthy
May you be resilient.

Best, Cindy

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