Distance Learning: A 504 Plan for ADHD That Works

If your child has an IEP or a 504 Plan for ADHD or other learning challenges, you may need some new tools and ideas to help your child adjust to working remotely.

My daughter, Carly Goldrich-Wolf, MS. Ed. offers some solid guidelines on how to smooth out the challenges your child may face with distance learning.

As a special Education Teacher, Carly knows firsthand, the struggles that kids with ADHD and other learning challenges are facing.

In the article she wrote for ADDitude magazine, The Most Useful ADHD Accommodations and Modifications for Distance Learning, she offers 7 tips to help your child relieve some stress, and feel more organized and productive. Carly also includes some suggestions for parents who wish to collaborate with their child’s teacher, to discuss expectations, deadlines, and extra time.

When a child is disorganized, behind on work, and confused about what needs to be done, they will not feel successful. As a result, a child who is struggling with schoolwork and homework may in turn suffer from low self-esteem.

By implementing some clear strategies, and an effective IEP or 504 plan for ADHD and other learning challenges, you are helping to set your child up for success!
This 504 plan should include a list of accommodations and modifications tailored to your child’s needs.

Read more and learn Carly’s 7 tips and guidelines in her article on ADDitude.com

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You are not alone on this journey!

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