Initiation & Activation: 2 Exercises to Help Kids Focus

In this article that I have written for the PESI Blog, I highlight two skills that we discuss in ADHD, Executive Function & Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom (co-authored with my daughter, Carly Wolf, M.Ed.).

One of the most common struggles for students with ADHD or executive function challenges is staying focused on a specific accomplishment during a given time period. These students may have an especially hard time getting started or simply staying on task while other thoughts or external factors pull their attention away. In turn, once they have settled into their task, it may be very difficult to transition to a completely new activity. Preparing these students ahead of time is the best way to get them physically and emotionally ready to focus on any new task at hand.

Initiation and activation are the skills needed to get started on a task.


(includes link to worksheets)

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