In Search Of – Mental Health Professionals Who Understand ADHD

I received a phone call the other day from a client who has a child struggling with anxiety and depression.  While the support I have provided the family through our parenting work has done a great deal to improve their relationship with their child, their son is dealing with mental health issues beyond what they can manage.  They have seen a few therapists, but in each case, they found a lack of proper understanding and knowledge of their child’s struggles.  Specifically, the therapists did not see how ADHD was an integral part of what was creating their child’s challenges.

ADHD is a complex neurobiological disorder.  It is not just about lack of focus, hyperactivity, or inattentiveness.  It is not remediated by simply adding structure, providing consistency, or establishing a reward system to keep the child on task.  It is not cured by prescribing medication, an exercise routine, or meditation – even though each of these may be part of a treatment program.

I have had tremendous success working with hundreds of families to help them reduce the impact that ADHD has on their children.  Through my work with them, their children are calmer, more emotionally regulated, productive, and motivated.  Familial relationships are improved, and overall stress is reduced.  And yet, there are times when I know my work with the parents is not enough.  The child or teen needs talk therapy with a professional who understands the impact that ADHD has on learning, motivation, stress, behavior, and the whole family system.

Fortunately, I know many therapists nationwide who are very knowledgeable about ADHD.  But either their practice is full, they don’t take insurance, or they are not in a geographical area where my client can reach.

We need more therapists who know more than the basics of ADHD!

And so, here is my ask and my offer.

The ask:
If you are a licensed mental health professional who is very knowledgeable about ADHD and you have openings for children, adolescents, and teens, please reach out to me by completing the form belowNote: For those professionals who want to work across state lines, you may wish to explore PSYPACT.

The offer:
If you are a licensed mental health professional and want to understand more about ADHD and its full impact on children and family systems, I will be holding a special session one of Calm and Connected: Parenting Children and Teens with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© FREE for Licensed Mental Health Professionals on Jan. 10, 2022.  I want to help you enhance your knowledge of ADHD so we can have more professionals supporting children with ADHD.

If you are interested, please complete the form below, and indicate that you are interested in attending the Calm and Connected© session for Licensed Mental Health Professionals and we will send you the information for the date and time.

If you missed this session and are interested in learning more about supporting children and teens with ADHD, please reach out to me: [email protected]

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