Training Teachers to Help Kids with ADHD with Dana Kay from Soaring Child

I had a great conversation with Dana Kay from Soaring Child about helping Educators better understand their students with ADHD &/or Executive Function Challenges.

The first thing I help teachers understand is what it’s like to be this child. What it’s like to be this child in the classroom.

Managing ADHD can be tough on everyone involved, especially for the child/teen with ADHD.

During my Professional Development training, I help teachers better understand:

  • Key elements of working memory
  • Executive functioning for all (because we all have executive functioning)
  • Importance of using simple steps when teaching

Understanding how the brain works, and that some people’s brains get more activated when they move can be a game changer.Did you know that chewing gum, for some kids, will help them do better on a test?

I really like to help teachers understand how to empower their students so the student feels like they have a role and a responsibility for what’s going on in their lives.

Listen to Episode 11: Training Teachers to Help Kids with ADHD:

Topics discussed:

[4:21] Understanding working memory

[9:37] The emotional side of ADHD

[13:06] Explaining the social side of ADHD

[19:51] How to get a child to stay in their seat

[22:22] Why movement can be helpful to any kid or adult

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