Dystinct Magazine – ADHD in the Classroom

Teachers and related Professionals want to help children but don’t always have the necessary knowledge or resources.

I was asked to contribute an article to Dystinct Magazine.

In the article, I offer specific strategies that teachers and related professionals can use to support their students with ADHD in the classroom.

In addition to the strategies I outline in the article, teachers and parents can offer support by acknowledging their strengths, being positive and encouraging, and providing positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Dystinct was launched in 2021 as a resource for the families and educators of children and young people with learning difficulties. They do an outstanding job of sharing evidence-based information in an easy-to-understand format so parents can advocate for their children. They also share stories and articles by the children and parents so educators can do better by knowing better.

Here is a link featuring my article in the March 2023 issue:



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