Struggle to Success: The Power of ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching can make such a positive difference for high school and college students, helping them go from struggling to success.

We have seen it time and time again.

Samantha was a high school student struggling to keep up with her classes. She felt that she was always behind, and her grades were suffering. She also had a hard time focusing and staying organized.

Jeremy was a sophomore in college. He had gotten into the college of his dreams. While he had always done well in High School, somehow, he was having trouble even passing his classes. He struggled to keep up with the basics like laundry and having the essentials on hand.

Parents often contact me with stories similar to these. Their bright children were somehow not reaching their potential even though they had the desire and intelligence to succeed. With the support of our ADHD Student Coaches, they have seen tremendous growth and advancement in their children.


ADHD is not a problem of knowing what to do but rather doing what you know!

Many students with ADHD struggle with feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem.

They might feel like they’re not smart or capable enough to succeed in school. Our ADHD Coaches help these students recognize their strengths and overcome challenges. They help them learn how to set goals, prioritize tasks, and manage their time more effectively. During this process, students learn strategies to stay motivated and engaged in their learning.

Our Coaches will tailor their approach to each student’s unique needs, which is one of the main reasons coaching is so effective. As a result, the student’s self-confidence grows, and this can lead to better grades and a more positive attitude toward school. And the benefits of ADHD coaching aren’t just about improved grades. They also include reduced stress and anxiety, increased self-confidence, and better motivation.

ADHD Coaching is beneficial for high school and college students, regardless of whether there has been a formal diagnosis. ADHD Coaching will help students develop strong Executive Function skills. Weak Executive Function skills can impact things like organization, time management, task initiation, and working memory, which are all crucial for academic success. ADHD Coaching can help with organization skills, including managing materials and assignments, setting up a dedicated study space, and using tools like planners and checklists. It can also help them get started on tasks they may have previously avoided or ignored.

ADHD Coaching is not just about the practical aspects of academic success; it’s also about building confidence and helping students feel empowered to speak up and ask for what they need. Coaching can help students learn to advocate for themselves, communicate with teachers, professors, and other adults, and develop self-advocacy skills.

Working with an ADHD Coach can help students gain insight into their behaviors, thought patterns, and emotional responses. With the guidance of a coach, they will learn to recognize and manage impulsive behaviors and develop strategies to cope with distractions and emotional triggers. This increased self-awareness can lead to greater productivity and reduced stress.

If you feel that ADHD Coaching might be helpful for your child, I recommend that you visit the ADHD Student Coaching page on my website with your child and discuss whether they feel this would be beneficial. While I have no doubt that our Coaches can provide essential support, sometimes, we adults may see the benefit, but our children are not yet on board. We want this to be a positive and valuable experience for your child.

Note: While parents often recognize that their child might benefit from ADHD Coaching, some students do not yet have the metacognitive maturity to WANT coaching as they are still developing the necessary skills for self-reflection and self-management. In this case, you may benefit from Parent Coaching to help you best support their needs in the meantime. Parent Coaching will help you better understand the social and emotional impact ADHD has on learning, motivation, and behavior and will help you learn strategies to help you support your child’s learning and development. It can also help reduce conflict and improve the family dynamic.

Six Benefits of Parent-Centered Coaching

Our Coaches really care.

If you have any questions about ADHD Student or Parent Coaching, (or Adult ADHD Coaching) reach out to me: at [email protected]

You are not alone on this journey.



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  1. Hi Cindy,
    I went to one of your PDs for clinicians a while back and I get your newsletter and other emails at my DOE emails. I have referred many parents to attend your workshops as I think they can benefit from your ADHD knowledge. Now it’s my turn and I would like to ask for your assistance in getting information about ADHD couching for my son who is starting his senior year in high school this September.
    Please email me some information on how this service works and the related prices.
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