ADHD Coaching – A Guide for Parents

Is Your Teen or College Student Ready for ADHD Coaching? A Guide for Parents

As I discussed in my previous blog, Unlocking Your Child’s Potential: The Power of ADHD Coaching for Your Teen or College Student with Executive Function Challenges ADHD coaching can be a powerful tool for helping children with ADHD and Executive Function challenges reach their full potential. However, for coaching to be effective, the child must be ready and willing to participate. In this blog, we’ll explore what it means for a child to be ready for coaching and how parents can assess their child’s readiness. We’ll also discuss the potential consequences of pushing a child into coaching before they’re ready and how to avoid them.


Determining If Your Child Is Ready for ADHD Coaching

To determine if your child is ready for coaching, I recommend that at a calm time (when they are not in the midst of a deadline or meltdown), you gently ask what has been preventing their work time or performance from reaching their expectations. 

Keep in mind that, especially with teenagers, you may hear a lot of “magical thinking” or deflection of responsibility. 


            “I know what to do. I have just been too busy.”

            “I don’t think there is a problem – your expectations are unfair or unreasonable.”

            “I can get it all done. I just haven’t been ready to start yet.”

            “Everybody struggles – the teachers just give us too much work!”


Encourage them that everyone has their own unique habits and strategies and that an ADHD/Executive Function Coach can help them learn to “hack their brain” and develop their own best ways to learn and perform.


I suggest that together, you review the ADHD Coaching for Teens & College Students page on my website and mention that elite athletes and top business executives have coaches to help them reach their peak performance.


The Potential Consequences of Pushing a Child into Coaching Before They’re Ready

The reason I like to speak with parents before they engage with our coaching services is because I know that in some cases, while we as adults may see the benefits, our child is not quite ready to “buy in” or make the best use of the support.  I want to help set the child up for success. From years of experience, I know that when a child has not bought into the idea, it may sour their overall experience.  They may feel they are being burdened with even more work or that they are beyond helpable.  I don’t want them to develop a negative association with coaching since this might make them less likely to seek this type of support in the future.

I have also found that sometimes parents, though their love and belief in their child’s potential, unintentionally create more stress and pressure than they mean to.  Parents often struggle knowing – “Am I enabling or supporting my child each time I offer my help or guidance.”  This can lead to a situation where the parent/child relationship is strained, and “helpful” conversations are difficult to have.  If this sounds familiar, working with one of my Parent Coaches may help you shift your parenting dynamics and create a calmer, more connected relationship with your child.

If you would like to discuss whether your child is ready for coaching, please email me to set up a time for us to chat.  I am happy to help you determine the best way to support your growing child.



Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP
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