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Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, Online ADHD Coach

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Cindy Goldrich is a mental health professional, ADHD Clinical Service Provider, and training professional. Founder of PTS Coaching, LLC, Cindy is a leading authority on parenting and supporting children with ADHD, Executive Function, and Learning Disabilities.

Author of 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD, a concise, easy-to-read “crash course” for parents of children with ADHD based on her Calm Connected coaching model. Co-Author of ADHD, Executive Function, & Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom, an invaluable resource for all classroom teachers full of real, practical, and powerful insights, tools, and activities.

Cindy received her Master’s in Education in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College, and ADHD coach certification from the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching. She has trained with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Ross Greene. She is a regular contributor to ADDitudemag.com, CHADD’s Attention magazine, and a guest on several industry-leading podcasts.


"When I began coaching teens and college students who have ADHD, I quickly discovered that it is often the parents who need the support. I have met so many wonderful, caring parents who are at a loss as to why they, and their children, struggle so much. The reality is that love and logic are not sufficient when you are dealing with inconsistencies, challenges, and frustrations in raising your child who has ADHD. Once the diagnosis is made, the most important treatment is parent education and training – you often need a Black Belt in parenting!

In working with parents, my philosophy is, “Parent the child you have.” Not the one you thought you would have or that others tell you that you would have if you just parented THEIR way. I help parents and professionals nurture children through tolerance, empathy, and support, with a healthy balance of guidance, structure, and discipline. As I say to parents: “Don’t bend the Universe – too much.” Prepare them for the real world, but know when to give them that extra chance they may need."



Cindy received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College.  She received her designation as a Certified Clinical Service Provider for ADHD from PESI and ADHD Coach Certification from the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching. She has trained with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Ross Greene.

The Work

Cindy provides Professional Development for schools and professional organizations and at national conferences addressing how ADHD and Executive Function Deficits impact children and how to help boost behavior and performance. Cindy also trains professionals to become Parent Coaches through her ADHD Parent Coach Academy. As the Founder of PTS Coaching, she created and facilitates the highly acclaimed workshop series: Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© and Managing Homework: Parent Edition©. She provides Individual Parent Coaching in Boulder, CO and offers online ADHD coach sessions to individual parents across the country. As a certified ADHD Coach and ADHD parent training specialist, Cindy will help you understand the full impact of ADHD and provide you with the tools and strategies to manage it!


Cindy’s award-winning book, 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD, is an excellent resource for parents, educators, and mental health professionals. This book is rich with optimism, tips, tools, and action plans. It offers science-based insights and systems for parents to develop a deeper understanding of what ADHD is, beyond the most common characteristics (impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness). Cindy's book provides different perspectives and techniques for parents, that will dramatically improve family relationships. Cindy contributes to magazines and online publications such as ADDitude magazine, Attention magazine, and Understood.org.


Cindy has been an invited speaker at schools and professional conferences across the country and worldwide, including CHADD, LDA, ACO, ASHA and Kazim Trust of Pakistan. For information on topics, please click here. To request Cindy to speak at your next event, please visit this page.

Boards and Affiliations

Cindy is Co-Founder of the Long Island ADHD Professionals Consortium. She is on the editorial board of Attention Magazine and the Executive Board of CHADD of Nassau County (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) and has served on the Board of the Long Island Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Cindy is also a member of ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) and ACO (ADHD Coaches Association).


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  • “I worked with PTS Coaching during a difficult time in my son’s school career and quickly realized the importance of working through my own unexpressed emotions. Cindy helped me see this and gave me valuable tools to help the healing process. I am so very grateful for her time and guidance and happy to report that both my son and myself are much better because of it.”

    Tracy M. - (Mother of 14 yr. old boy)

  • “I wish I could move Cindy into my home.”

    Kim - (Mother of 11 yr. old girl)

  • “I felt relieved to understand that my son is wired differently, and that’s ok.”

    Ken - (Father of 15 yr. old boy)

  • “It’s nice to experience learning about this, with people who are going through the same thing.”

    Jennifer - (Mother of 12 yr. old boy)

  • “I learned that my daughter doesn’t have a deficit in attention. She has a deficit in attention regulation – deciding where to focus her attention.”

    Angela - (Mother of 9 yr. old girl)

  • “We are more empathetic toward our child’s struggles.”

    Liz - (Mother of 13-year-old son)

  • “I highly recommend working with Cindy. She brings, calm, clarity, and wisdom to your family when you need it most. She understands the challenges you encounter on a daily basis and helps you over the hurdles. Cindy provides her wisest insights and still respects your position and supports you unwaveringly. Most importantly, she helps you see your child in a new light so that you can be your child’s biggest advocate. I am forever grateful for all that Cindy has taught me and my family.”

    Stacey G. - (Mother of 8 yr. old girl)

  • “If it hadn’t been for your course and your outreach to parents I wouldn’t have been able to advocate for my son. Now he can receive the support he needs to reach his potential. Thank YOU!”

    Martha S. - (Mother of 12 yr. old boy)

  • “I loved the content and delivery. I felt like i was talking with a friend. Cindy you are very relatable and the connection you have with the parents is very special. There is Nothing false about you. We can tell you feel passionate about your work and passionate about helping others. I am so grateful for you and this workshop!”

    Allison S. - (Mother of 12 yr. old boy)

  • “I had the good fortune to attend one of your sessions at the NWAIS conference in Seattle and want to thank you – I learned a great deal in a very brief amount of time! In terms of defining what the executive functions are, I have never seen a more clear and easily understandable definition and list of the distinct areas as the one you presented last week. Thank you.”

    Joan T. - (Teacher)

  • "I can’t thank you enough for your insight and information It has changed my thoughts and how I parent my son. As I read your book, I went through many emotions as I reflected on How I viewed my son. I cried at many points and I cannot Ever thank you enough for doing this work and for sharing it with the world You are a gem. I really appreciate how you give practical solutions and Things to work on. It has helped me and I will continue to refer to your book as I journey with my son through life. God bless."

    Beth M.

  • "Your presentation provided easy to implement practical suggestions for empowering those who work with children and adolescents with ADHD, executive functioning and other related challenges, as well as recognizing and understand their own as well as the students’ strengths. Our attendees were inspired and engaged. We admire how you responded so well to the questions and gave great advice, ideas and comfort with your responses."

    Ellen Maiseloff, MA
    Opening the Doors Partnership Program
    Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

  • “The 1st meeting I had with Cindy I just vented and she listened. She was compassionate and knowledgeable and helped me realize I could help my son. After Cindy visited my son’s school and spoke with his teacher I knew she was an awesome asset to my son’s education. The strategies she suggested to his teacher worked within a week and he is on a path of success.”

    Emily - (Mother of 7 yr. old boy)

  • “I have taken Cindy’s 6 week parenting course and attend her parent support group. They both are terrific and blend just the right amount of education, insight, support, and sharing. Cindy is a highly competent and expert coach who is able to make what sometimes seem like the impossible, possible and even achievable. She is also a warm and caring coach who draws on her wealth and breadth of experience to help parents better understand and effectively parent their children.”

    Marcia H. - (Mother of 12 yr. old girl)

  • “Cindy has made the very difficult task of parenting a child with ADHD so much more manageable for me. The mantras she shares have been very helpful in enabling me to deal with the anger and “why me” feelings that often accompany having a child with ADHD. She has truly helped me “Parent the child I have” (to use a quote that Cindy often does). I feel better knowing Cindy is there when I need her.”

    Joan R. - (Mother of 7 yr. old girl)

  • “I am a clinical psychologist and I have worked with many psychologists, social workers and therapists. I took Cindy’s 7-week course on parenting children with ADHD, and was very impressed. Cindy covers a broad range of material, and offers many practical techniques and tools for parents dealing with challenging children. But most importantly, Cindy has a gift for making parents feel understood. She helps parents look at their weaknesses without making them feel badly about their parenting. She provides a great sense of hope for parents who are feeling despairing and guilty. I so valued her coaching that my daughter and I now work with her privately on an ongoing basis. Working with Cindy has been invaluable to us and our relationship. I highly recommend Cindy’s class and her coaching to parents and professionals working with people with ADHD.”

    Eve L. - (mother of 11 yr. old girl)

  • “My son and I are so much more respectful to one another. We are not screaming at each other, but rather connecting and interacting in a calm manner. We, as a family have learned so much! The time management skills have changed our homework hours and created an environment of love and support, not a battlefield! Thank you, Cindy!”

    Susan W. - (mother of 14 yr. old boy)

  • “You have given me renewed joy with my daughter. Thank you so much!”

    Marissa C. - (mother of 8 yr. old girl)

  • I enjoyed your presentation. You were energetic, informative, and made the learning accessible by using lots of real life examples. I walked away with greater insight, strategies and tools I will use in my classroom. Thank you.

    Ms. B. - (6th grade teacher)