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PTS Coaching, LLC, founded by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, provides education and support for Parents, Educators and Mental Health Professionals dealing with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges. Cindy has put together a team of ADHD coaches to help you and your family succeed with these challenges.

Our mission is that every child who thinks and learns differently is understood, respected for who they are, and encouraged that they can learn and succeed along their chosen pathway. 

Our goal is that every parent of a “complex" child receives the understanding and support they need to be a calm, empathetic, informed, and supportive advocate for their child, and that every educator has the education, tools, and strategies necessary to help these children succeed and not feel like square pegs in round holes at school.

Let's bring strength and confidence to people who learn, think, and perform outside conventional norms so that every person can follow their own Pathway to Success!


Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP

PTS Coaching Founder
Parent Coach, Teacher Consultant & Author

Melissa Fava

Business Manager
PTS Coaching

Melissa is Cindy’s right and left-hand person.

She welcomes new clients and supports clients and the team of ADHD coaches so that they can establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Melissa manages most aspects of Cindy's business so that Cindy can do what she does best: Support, Educate, & Inspire - Parents, Children, Educators, Families, & Professionals, so that they can thrive and be their absolute best.

Marj Harrison

Marjorie Harrison, MA, ACC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach
Teens -  Adults

Long Island, New York 

Marjorie is a certified educator and ADHD Coach specializing in working with middle school, high school, and college students with Executive Function and/or Attention Deficit Disorders.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and specialty certifications in ADHD Coaching and Life Coaching. Marj’s practice focuses exclusively on ADHD and Executive Function Coaching for students with ADHD and/or Executive Function weaknesses. By addressing and supporting the academic and/or social challenges that exist for these students with structured skill-building, she allows them to overcome their roadblocks to success.  Her work with clients includes developing strategies for managing inattentiveness, distractibility, and hyperactivity, identifying academic and personal strengths, identifying areas for growth and change, setting attainable academic goals, and developing the time management, organizational, planning, prioritizing emotional regulation, and study skills needed to achieve these goals. Additional areas of focus include overcoming procrastination and avoidance, increasing self- regulation, test-taking strategies, improving writing skills, student self-advocacy, strengthening self-care, life, and social skills. Academic support centers on developing successful study skills and strategies, effective note-taking techniques, textbook reading strategies, and multi-sensory learning methods that are specific to the student’s learning style.  Mindfulness techniques and strategies for overcoming chronic procrastination are emphasized.

Lorri Comeau

Lorri Comeau, Ed.M.

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Learning Support Specialist


Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Lorri Comeau, M.Ed., is an ADHD Parent Coach, Learning Support Specialist, and Educational Consultant. She has over 20 years of experience working with students, parents, and educators in the field of ADHD and learning disabilities.

Lorri currently works part-time at Landmark College, located in Putney, VT as a Learning Support Specialist in the Drake Center for Academic Success. In addition, Lorri has co-authored The Essential Six, A Parent’s Guide: How to Pave the Road to Self-Advocacy for College Students with Learning Differences, published through the Association in Higher Education and Disabilities.

Amy Glavine pic


ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Registered Social Worker

Newfoundland, Canada 

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach 

Amy Glavine BSW, RSW, ADHD-CCSP is the owner of ADHD MyNDSET Family Coaching and Counselling. 

A registered Social Worker for the past 14 years working with children, teens and adults in the areas of mental health and addiction using cognitive behavioural strategies and a strengths-based approach to counselling. 

A licensed PTS Parent Coach and ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider. I have specific training from Cindy Goldrich’s Calm and Connected program- a unique approach to working with the families of children living with ADHD and assisting in their success to create a calm, collaborative and connected home/school system. 

I also bring personal perspective by sharing my lived experience of managing ADHD with girls.  As your parent coach, we will collaborate to help the family unit foster a new mindset, build a new skill set and to learn specific strategies and techniques unique to ADHD. 

Michelle Midgette image

Michelle Midgette, M.A.

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Certified Teacher and Neuropsychological Testing Assistant

Philadelphia Region, PA

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Michelle Midgette, M.A., is the owner of Your Parenting Prescription, LLC, providing parent coaching services to families of children who have ADHD, Executive Function difficulties, or other concerns that affect learning and behavior. She also works as a testing assistant at a child neuropsychology practice.
Michelle has 20 years of experience in the fields of ESL, Special Education and Developmental Disabilities, working as a teacher, staff development specialist, and case manager.
Michelle is a trained ADHD/EF Parent Coach. She completed Cindy Goldrich's APCA: Professional ADHD/Executive Function Parent Coach Academy© training, and facilitates Cindy's acclaimed Calm & Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© Parent workshop, along with using these principles in her private coaching practice.

Michelle was inspired to become a Parent Coach because of the struggles and frustrations families often face when their child is newly diagnosed with ADHD or as they work to secure the best services for their children as they move through school. She helps parents create a proactive plan for establishing a calm, connected home base where their children can thrive (and supports implementation and accountability).

Areas of expertise are parent support in working with their child's school team, helping parents understand testing results, and translating testing and data into actionable goals and routines. 

Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach
12 Years -  Adults

Berks County, Pennsylvania

Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC, helps students--middle school through college--with ADHD, learning differences, or executive function challenges develop skills and strategies to become capable and confident. As a former educator for over 15 years, she understands the challenges these students face in school. As a parent of five, she has experienced the roller-coaster ride of raising children with ADHD. Now as a coach, she partners with families to find what works for their children to do their best. Her calm presence enables students to relax and trust her to guide them as they work to build new habits and put plans into action.

She completed training in coaching children, teens, and young adults with ADHD and executive function challenges from JST Coaching and Training. Helen is an International Coaching Federation certified life coach.

Helen-Kornbulm sq

Helen Kornblum, MA

Executive Function/ADHD Coach
12 Years -  Adults

Alachua County, Florida

Helen is a trained life coach who specializes in working with teens and young adults who have attention deficit disorders. She helps them create coping strategies by using their strengths, which enables them to thrive in a linear world. Building teens by recognizing their accomplishments and potential is easier than repairing demoralized adults. Because coaching is about change, Helen encourages teens to pick the changes they want to make, treating every effort as an experiment that deserves a thoughtful review. Feedback from clients about what worked or what didn’t work eliminates harsh judgments. Feedback also makes the coaching relationship a safe refuge for teens who seek extra support while developing their independence.

adhd coaches

Kathleen Enders

ADHD/EF Parent & Student Coach
Certified Teacher


Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Kathleen has extensive experience in supporting and coaching individuals affected by ADHD and deficits in Executive Function skills.  She comes to coaching after gaining skills, insight, and compassion through decades professional and personal experience.

As a certified teacher, a nanny to special needs children, and a mother to a child with Executive Function deficits her passion is to help children grow socially, emotionally, and educationally.  She brings this passion to coaching, helping others to use their strengths to overcome weaknesses and to develop the skills they need and want so that they can be successful in their lives as parents and students.  Your priorities are her priorities!

Kathleen is a life-long learner who brings with her knowledge and experience with ADHD, Autism, Tourette Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and various types of Anxiety. 

In her personal time, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, needlepoint, crochet, reading, writing, and learning new things

adhd coaches

Suzanne Holstein,  M.S, M.Ed

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Special Educator Coordinator

Maryland / Virginia

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Suzanne Catchpole-Holstein is the founder and owner of Functional Fun Families, LLC specializing in family coaching for ADHD and comprehensive special education needs. Suzanne has been a Special Educator for 15 years. With a Masters in Special Education from Hood College and a Masters in Montessori Elementary Education from Loyola, Suzanne has a full-scale educational background.

A Licensed Facilitator of the Calm and Connected: Parenting the Child You Have program, as well as the Orton-Gillingham technique for children and adults with Dyslexia, Suzanne has ample years of experience in the field of Specialized Education, teaching, coaching special education teachers, and coaching parents in how to support their children through their educational and family life.

On a personal note, Suzanne is the mother of two daughters and a grandmother of two. Her youngest daughter struggled with dyslexia and ADHD. Suzanne knows first hand the complexities that come with special education both in school and at home. She currently lives and works in the D.C., Md, and Va.

Robyn Parks

Robyn Parks CPC, ACC, CACP

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Baltimore, Maryland

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Robyn is a certified Life, Parent, and ADHD Coach with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a Post- Baccalaureate degree in Elementary and Middle School Education from Point Park University. Robyn has extensive ADHD training and expertise.

She completed her coach training from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching), an accredited coaching program recognized by the International Coach Federation.

She earned a graduate certificate from JST Coaching, LLC, a specialized coach training program focused on teaching methods for children, teens, and college students with ADHD. Most recently, Robyn completed Professional ADHD Parent Coach Training with Cindy Goldrich, Parenting Specialist.

Dulce Torres-2 digital

Dulce Torres, LPC-S, BCC, ACC

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Mental Health Counselor

Euless, Texas

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Dulce Torres, LPC-S, BCC, ACC is a licensed mental health professional and a certified ADHD coach. Her passion to help individuals and families “Live Life Beyond Limitation” remains her guiding principle after 30 years of helping others. 

Dulce is a trained ADHD/EF Parent Coach. She completed Cindy Goldrich's APCA: Professional ADHD/Executive Function Parent Coach Academy© training, and facilitates Cindy's acclaimed Calm & Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© parent workshop.

Dulce has taught countless parents how to parent their child by creating healthy relationships, effectively communicating, and staying calm. 

After seeing the impact this work has had on families, she stepped forward to ensure the Spanish-speaking community has the same opportunity through trained professionals. In collaboration with Cindy, the APCA: ADHD Parent Coach Academy© training and Calm & Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© are now presented in Spanish

The goal of this new offer is to train professionals who want to work with parents of children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Functions Deficit, and Learning Differences

Andrea Elrom

Andrea Elrom, MA, ACC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach
Teens - Adults
Parent Coach

New York, New York

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Andrea Elrom holds her Master’s degree from New York University in Education and is an advanced graduate of ADDCA (ADD COACH ACADEMY). She has worked with children having ADHD for more than 15 Years and offers extensive knowledge on parenting challenging behaviors through workshops, individual and group sessions.  Andrea works closely with Independent schools, focusing on Executive Functions and building on student strengths.

Andrea is a trained ADHD/EF Parent Coach. She completed Cindy Goldrich's APCA: Professional ADHD/Executive Function Parent Coach Academy© training, and facilitates Cindy's acclaimed Calm & Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© Parent workshop, along with using these principles in her private coaching practice.

“I have raised two children with ADHD and understand more than most the challenges of complex behavior and the JOYS of their successes. Listening to parents describe their journey, I rarely come across a situation that I have not dealt with in my personal or professional life. I look forward to sharing my experience, strategies, tools, and techniques with you, your child and family as a whole to unwrap the hidden gifts within.” 

Andrea Yellinek, MS, BCC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach
12 Years -  Adults

Queens, New York

Andrea is a trained ADHD and Life Coach, as well as a licensed occupational therapist. As a coach and clinician, she has over 20 years of experience helping individuals with ADHD and executive function challenges maximize their potential.

As your coach, Andrea brings a broad background in psychology, the neurosciences, and human performance.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University. Since becoming an occupational therapist in 1995, she has worked with individuals with ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, and learning differences in both the school system and private practice.

Later in her career, she joined the coaching community with the hope of serving individuals from a strengths-based approach.  She completed intensive coach training with ADD Coach Academy as well as Mentor Coach.  As a coach, she is committed to assisting adult professionals and college students with executive function challenges, to use their strengths to create more balance, fulfillment, and success in their lives.

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Lisa Finkelstein, LMSW

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Clinical Social Worker

Hudson Valley, NY

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Lisa is a licensed PTS Parent Coach, with a master’s degree in social work from New York University.  A therapist working with adults, adolescents, and children, Lisa’s areas of focus include ADHD, anxiety, OCD, emotional dysregulation, and parenting.  Through her work with children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, Lisa has often found working directly with parents to be the most effective strategy toward making change. 

Building on this philosophy, Lisa became a trained ADHD parent coach with Cindy Goldrich.  With Lisa’s support and guidance, parents gain understanding of the needs of their children and are empowered to help them with a calm and nurturing approach.

Jill LInkoff

Jill Linkoff, ACC, ACAC

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Baltimore, Maryland

Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach 

Jill is a Certified Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Parent Coach, and Teacher Trainer, specializing in working with adults, college students, and parents of children with ADHD. Credentialed in both Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching with additional training in Career Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, and Parent Coaching.

She maintains a private practice in Baltimore, Maryland in addition to working virtually throughout the country by SKYPE and FACETIME utilizing the same coaching standards. She is also available to visit local colleges and universities.

Jill's passion is to make a positive difference in the lives of adults, parents, families, and college students living with ADHD. Extensive and ongoing researched-based training in ADHD and executive function challenges advance her expertise as an ADHD coach.

adhd coaches

Christina Silvera, MSc

ADHD/EF Parent Coach
Associate Clinical Psychologist


Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Christina Silvera is an Associate Clinical Psychologist and ADHD Coach. 

Christina also serves as the Director of Membership for the Jamaican Psychological Society. She is currently conducting psychological assessments and individual therapy at the offices of Clinical Psychologists in Jamaica.

She sees clients as young as 5 years old from differing backgrounds. She believes that we all possess the tools we need to be our best selves, therapists and coaches are meant to help us to develop these tools.

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