The ADHD Awareness Book Project: 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD

The ADHD Awareness Book Project: 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD is a collaborative book, aimed at providing a unique one-of-a-kind resource for people with ADHD and increasing the awareness of ADHD worldwide. More than 80 co-authors and ADHD experts such as Cindy Goldrich have come together to share their best tips and strategies to succeed with ADHD. The book features strategies and tips for parents of children with ADHD who want to help them succeed; teenagers and college students … Read more

What Makes Waking Up So Difficult for People with ADHD

In my previous article, What makes sleep so difficult for kids with ADHD, I explored the difficulties that children and adolescents may have in falling asleep.  As I had mentioned, research shows that between 25 and 50% of people with ADHD have clinically reported sleep difficulties.  These can be attributed to biology, stimulant medication side effects, lack of consistent bedtime routine, and characteristics related to the ADHD itself.   For many parents, getting their children to sleep is only half … Read more

Medication – The Parent Factor

The topic of medication for treating ADHD has been in the news again lately.  In case you missed it, the New York Times recently published an article titled Ritalin Gone Wrong [Jan. 28, 2012].  The media does a tremendous disservice when they choose to highlight only one side of a complex and controversial issue.  Several prominent experts responded with informative, factual information that corrected some of the misleading and incorrect statements the original article contained.   While I am grateful that … Read more

Casting a Wider Net:  Section 504 Under the 2008 ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) ©  Lisa M. LaVardera, Esq.

In 2008, Congress amended the Americans with Disabilities Act, significantly broadening the definition of disability, beginning in 2009.  That change impacted the definition of disability under Section 504, one of two statutes from which children  receive special education services in school, (the other being The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA.).  The major changes as they pertain to students with disabilities, including children with ADHD, 2e children, and other bright children who may not have qualified for special education … Read more

What Makes Sleep So Difficult for People with ADHD

It’s 11 pm and you’ve gone into your child’s room for the 5th time. You stay calm, you rub his back AGAIN, tell him to look at the stars painted on the ceiling and to just try to sleep. After nights of yelling, punishing, bribing and begging you realize in your frustration that he is not trying to defy you, he’s not just trying to make you crazy, HE JUST CAN’T FALL ASLEEP! What’s up with that? Well, for kids … Read more

For Parents: ADHD – Now What??

So your child has just been diagnosed with ADHD.  What does that mean??  Let’s just cover a few of the basic facts and try to help you put things in perspective. ADHD affects approximately 9.5% of the school age population (CDC).  You are probably aware by now that the hallmark traits of ADHD are Distractibility or Inattentiveness, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity.  Each of these conditions can make life for a child and those around them challenging, to say the least.  Along … Read more