Learning and the Brain: What Parents and Educators Must Know

I recently went to an amazing conference in Virginia attended by the top Neuropsychologist and Educators in the country.  Three days of intense learning about HOW kids really learn best, what makes learning and performing more challenging for some kids, and what we can all do to improve our education system – both at home and at school.  I am excited to share what I have learned this year in my new Teacher Trainings and Parent Workshops. While it is … Read more

Can You Just Sit Still and Pay Attention? The Art of Fidgeting

This is certainly a comment many children hear all day long.  Regrettably, it is often said as a statement or command, rather than a question.  For children who have a difficult time managing themselves during class time, or homework time, how we adults intervene can significantly impact the child’s success and self-image. Brain Differences FACT: It is a recognized fact that some people’s brains do not produce enough dopamine to keep them alert during normal day-to-day activities.  This is the … Read more

No Hits, No Runs, Many Errors…The ADHD Slump in Adulthood (Part I)

ADHD is often thought of as a childhood diagnosis that magically disappears in late adolescence.  In fact, this disorder, which affects upwards of 10% of the population, often persists into adulthood and typically causes individuals to continue to struggle with core symptoms of impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity.  Despite this, until the last couple of decades the ADHD Adult diagnosis simply did not exist. As adults, we often stumble upon our own or our partner’s ADHD diagnosis after one or more … Read more

The Fine (or not so fine) Art of Effective Note Taking

A key skill for school success involves the ability to take effective class notes.  Teachers expect that their words will be recorded and that students will use these notes for test preparation, homework completion, essays and other assignments.  In reality, note taking is quite difficult for many students who face challenges caused by inattention, learning disabilities, fine motor disabilities, writing skill deficits and/or distractibility.  The following are some quick tips for adding value to the note taking process by making … Read more

What is so Difficult about Doing Homework?

Okay, you have resolved some of the more obvious issues.   You have systems in place to help ensure that the proper information and materials arrive home with our child.  Your child has been given a second set of books to keep at home.  Yet, somehow, getting the homework completed at a quality level and returned to school in a timely manner is still a concern.  What is your role, what are your resources, and what are your options?  The first … Read more

Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Managing the College Application Process for Students with ADHD

Teenagers with ADHD often feel anxious about what the future will hold.  They are not alone in their worry, as parents are often equally or more concerned about the best path for their child. It is therefore recommended that a frank and open family discussion with your teenager about post-secondary plans take place no later than the first half of their junior year of high school. This conversation will ideally determine what their hopes and expectations are for their future … Read more