504 Plan or not … Let’s help kids with ADHD learn!

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national education and advocacy organization, recently released the results of a survey they conducted to explore its “longstanding concerns with the process, quality and implementation of Section 504 plans and with compliance with the regulations governing them” (See Summary of Survey on 504 Plans in the School System for the full report.). The results of their survey highlight the problems I find in my practice on a regular basis. There is … Read more

Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bike… And Other Important Life Skills

Recently, I was at the bicycle store getting my bike tuned up for the season. While I was waiting for my bicycle, I watched as a mom and dad were attempting to teach their daughter, around the age of eight, to ride a two-wheeler. Her twin sister had apparently learned this skill sometime ago and was quite comfortable riding around the parking lot in what would shortly become her new bike. As I observed the interaction between the parents and … Read more

Times Tales: Times Tables made easy

I don’t know about you, but one memory from elementary school that definitely stands out was learning math facts. Over and over we had to practice our times tables so that we knew them cold. It seems that these days, between the increased curriculum demands, limiting the time teachers can spend focusing helping kids learn their times tables, and the ease of using calculators, many children are not learning this vital life skill. For kids who struggle with focus and … Read more

Getting Started… Sometimes that’s the hardest part!

For teachers and parents, it can often be frustrating watching a child meander around when there is important work to be done. Sometimes, kids are having a hard time stopping one activity to begin another, and sometimes, they just plain don’t want to DO what they need to do. But it is important to recognize that GETTING STARTED, known as an Executive Function Skills of “Initiation” or “Activation”, is a skill that sometimes needs to be developed and supported. When … Read more

Motivation – How Can We Help Kids Find it?

You know the drill – “Do your homework”, “Clean your room”, “Get ready for school”.  At some point, hopefully before they leave home for work or college, you hope that they will not need someone else telling them to get started doing the things they need to do.  I have written and spoken extensively about how to support kids as they develop their abilities to manage their time, materials, and emotions, but for now I want to focus on how … Read more