Skills for Success: What Parents & Educators Need to Know About Executive Function & Mindset©

Skills for Success Cindy

Executive Functions are the cognitive skills needed for academic performance, social skills, and life skills.  Commonly, these are the skills utilized to organize, plan, initiate, manage emotion, shift maintain focus and use working memory.  They govern the HOW you do what you DECIDE to do.  This presentation will briefly explain how Executive Function skills are developed … Read more

The Challenges of Learning in the Digital Age

Recently, I attended the National CHADD conference. This was my 10th year at CHADD where we learn, debate and exchange new methods and ideas. It was, as always, an intense experience. Imagine being in the same space with all of the top experts in the field – the eminent researchers and practitioners, as well as … Read more

ADHD Pathways to Success: On The Right Road with Paula Phillips

ADHD Pathways to Success

Cindy interviewed by Paula Phillips of the ‘On The Right Road’ podcast on the Voice America network. … Join Paula and her expert guest for this wonderfully helpful program that will take a heartfelt, in-depth look at ADHD and provide tons of insights and tips that will be of support to all affected… Whether you’re … Read more

ADDitude Magazine Online: How Mindset Impacts Learning

How Mindset Impacts Learning - Additude Magazine

Learn about the importance of mindset for kids and teens with ADHD who are trying to learn. Available exclusively from ADDitude Magazine. You can view and purchase this premium webinar from the ADDitude website, created by Cindy Goldrich: In this audio webinar and slide presentation of “How Mindset Impacts Learning,” Cindy Goldrich, discusses: 1. Common challenges … Read more