Teacher Insights: Do all Students with ADHD need an IEP?

space Did you know that just about 10% of school-aged children have a diagnosis of ADHD? Knowing this, let’s consider the average class size of 23 students. That means that at least two students in a general education classroom are likely to have a diagnosis of ADHD. It’s also possible that this number is higher, … Read more

Teaching Effective Fidgeting

Teaching effective fidgeting Blog 5.10.24

Do you feel this way? Do you feel this way? “Fidgeting is always a distraction!” “I’ve never had a student who actually fidgets effectively. They just play.” “Fidgeting is just an excuse to have a toy.” If any or all of these quotes about fidgeting in your classroom resonate with you, allow me to show … Read more

Let’s Stop Timed Tests

Stop Timed Tests

Adam Grant, a well-known Organizational Psychologist and Psychology Professor at the Warton School of Business, recently wrote an excellent opinion piece in the NY Times titled: The SATs Will Be Different Next Year, and That Could Be a Game-Changer (NY Times, Sept. 20, 2023). Please read this article by Adam Grant and his take on timed … Read more

Struggle to Success: The Power of ADHD Coaching

Struggle to Success ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching can make such a positive difference for high school and college students, helping them go from struggling to success. We have seen it time and time again. Samantha was a high school student struggling to keep up with her classes. She felt that she was always behind, and her grades were suffering. She … Read more

Train All Teachers About ADHD Challenges

Train All Teachers About ADHD Challenges blog 8.17.23

It is time to train ALL teachers on how to Understand and Support Students with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction, and Behavioral Challenges. Teachers and their students deserve it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9.8% of school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD.  Most of these children are educated in the general education classroom, … Read more

Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Lions mane ADDitude article 6.2.23

Parents often ask me about alternative treatments for ADHD. I am sharing this article from my colleagues and highly respected practitioners Dr. Ari Tuckman and Dr. Stephanie Sarkis.  It speaks to both the science and the research of these often-used alternatives. The Truth About Lion’s Mane, Psychedelics & Caffeine People with ADHD increasingly consider unconventional … Read more


Time Management -It's a Family Affair 2023

CREATE PEACE OF MIND, REDUCE STRESS, AHHHH… Effective time management skills are essential to all adults and children. From scheduling and managing after-school activities to homework to chores… oh, and your life, too. Day-to-day demands can become overwhelming and create an atmosphere of constant stress. Who doesn’t want a calmer, more efficient morning, a less … Read more

Phonics or Balanced Literacy: How Does Your School Teach Reading?

Sold a Story: How does our district teach reading?

I was an active member of my school’s PTA over 20 years ago. I became aware that my district was using a highly regarded balanced literacy/whole language reading program to teach children how to read. This same program was being used in most schools nationwide.  As parents, we were concerned that our children were not … Read more

ADHD and Dyslexia – They Often Walk Together

Meg and Greg Book duck

As many of you know, it is not unusual for people with ADHD to struggle with reading skill development. In fact, of people who are diagnosed with ADHD, 30-40% will struggle with dyslexia.  While many children seem to pick up reading with little effort, most of these children need more guidance and practice to become … Read more