The Parenting Bicycle: How bumpy is your ride?

As a parent, there are many different roles you play in your children’s lives.  And if you are parenting a child who as attentional, behavioral, or learning challenges you need to know more, do more, and worry more.  Paying attention to all the different aspects of treatment and having the proper knowledge and support is vital in helping you and your child succeed and thrive! The Parenting Wheel of Life is a straightforward and easy to use tool to help … Read more

What Every High School and College Kid Needs to Know About Their ADHD Medication

There are many issues I can discuss here under the broad topic of ADHD medication, so to set your expectations for this article I will tell you that this is NOT about the pros and cons of taking medication.  This article is going to assume that your teenager or your college-age child is taking medication to manage their ADHD symptoms.  There are important things kids need to know about their meds, and know how to manage taking responsibility for possessing … Read more

Improve Homework Time with Strategies that Work for ADHD

I recently presented a webinar for CHADD: Ask the Expert titled: Improve Homework Time with Strategies that Work for ADHD. As a follow-up, they asked me to write an article answering some of the questions we did not have time to address during the presentation.  Here is the article from CHADD’s ADHD Weekly Newsletter: Q&A with Cindy Goldrich: Homework Questions Answered Question: How do you address the teachers who do not understand your child? Ms. Goldrich: This question was asked in a … Read more

Faster Than Normal: Pills Don’t Teach Skills with Peter Shankman

I am proud of my new interview with Peter Shankman on his Faster Than Normal podcast, Pills Don’t Teach Skills. We had a great conversation about a range of topics related to Kids, Parents, and Teachers in working with the challenges of ADHD and Executive Function deficits.  It starts off with the debate about using the label “deficit”!. I would love to hear your thoughts about the podcast.  The direct link to the podcast show is here:

What is Social-Emotional Learning and Why is this So Important?

When I spoke at this year’s National CHADD conference this past week, my presentation was Teaching Grit, Perseverance, and Frustration Tolerance to Children and Adolescents.  I can confidently say that this topic was very important and the lecture was very well received.  At the core of my presentation was the notion that we MUST place more emphasis on the process side of learning in our classroom teaching as well as our parenting. Social-Emotional Learning is the term used to describe … Read more

positive kids

How about a positive perspective for our kids?

I don’t know about you, but from what I have seen in the news lately has been overwhelmingly negative.  I think it is very important to take a moment and see what we can do to create a protective bubble within our homes to allow our children to be, well – children.  The science is all very clear – stress is toxic to the body, makes it more difficult to learn, and dampens our ability to look toward a positive … Read more