Professional Development Training

APCA ATTA May 2024

Join our Professional Development Training Programs – Summer Registration Now Open Learn to Support Parents, Teachers, and Students in Managing ADHD & Executive Function Challenges Since I began offering my Professional Development courses over ten years ago, I have noticed a surge in the awareness and interest in supporting students who struggle with ADHD and … Read more

Let’s Stop Timed Tests

Stop Timed Tests

Adam Grant, a well-known Organizational Psychologist and Psychology Professor at the Warton School of Business, recently wrote an excellent opinion piece in the NY Times titled: The SATs Will Be Different Next Year, and That Could Be a Game-Changer (NY Times, Sept. 20, 2023). Please read this article by Adam Grant and his take on timed … Read more

Train All Teachers About ADHD Challenges

Train All Teachers About ADHD Challenges blog 8.17.23

It is time to train ALL teachers on how to Understand and Support Students with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction, and Behavioral Challenges. Teachers and their students deserve it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9.8% of school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD.  Most of these children are educated in the general education classroom, … Read more

Training Teachers to Help Kids with ADHD with Dana Kay from Soaring Child

Soaring Child Podcast

I had a great conversation with Dana Kay from Soaring Child about helping Educators better understand their students with ADHD &/or Executive Function Challenges. The first thing I help teachers understand is what it’s like to be this child. What it’s like to be this child in the classroom. Managing ADHD can be tough on everyone … Read more

What is Calm & Connected© and APCA©? An interview with Cindy Goldrich and Dulce Torres.

In this interview, Cindy Goldrich discusses with Dulce Torres how Parent Coaching helps the child. You will learn: How Parent Coaching puts the parent at the center of support for the child. What Cindy’s Calm and Connected© parent workshop is and how it began. What Cindy’s Professional Training, APCA: ADHD Parent Coach Training© is and … Read more