12 Things Kids with ADHD Would Like Their Teachers to Know

Teaching kids with ADHD

Here is an excellent resource that Eileen Bailey wrote several years ago called “12 Things Kids with ADHD Would Like Their Teachers to Know”. Feel free to print it and share it.  I have included a PDF for your convenience. 12 Things Kids with ADHD Would like Their Teachers to Know 12 Things Kids with ADHD … Read more

Supporting Teachers

teaching students with ADHD

This year I have had the opportunity to provide professional development in Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. I have worked with teachers, guidance counselors, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, social workers, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, and principals. What I have experienced this year has convinced me wholeheartedly … Read more

Performance Review – Not just for Grownups!

Performance Review – Not just for Grownups! I have been listening to Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy.  There are so many gems in there for everyone – people who need support and uplifting, and those who are their friends, families, and cheerleaders. As she discussed growth for … Read more

Don’t Ban the Spinners – Teach Kids about Fidgeting and the Brain!

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Have you seen them yet?  They are small objects that kids spin around with their fingers like a pinwheel and they come in lots of different patterns and colors.  Kids are having a blast seeing the different ways they can spin them on their bodies, and battling who can make theirs spin the longest.  Many … Read more

How Do I help the other teachers “get it”?

Over the past several weeks I have provided professional development across the country for teachers and related service professionals who work in public schools, private schools, residential treatment programs, and private practices. During the course of the full day training these professionals gain insights, tools and confidence to work with their students in ways that … Read more

What is the true value of Testing Accommodations – we may not really know YET!

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I recently attended the annual conference in Wash., DC for The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders.  This was a wonderful opportunity to be amongst the top Researchers and Physicians in the world who work with the science of ADHD. As I listened to the presentations and explored the Poster Sessions highlighting the … Read more

Ask “Why” – It’s easier and more powerful than you realize.

One of the greatest problems I notice for both parents and educators is that when kids are not meeting expectations, the focus goes toward finding a solution too quickly. “How can I stop him from…”, “How can I get her to…”, and ultimately “How can I motivate him?” I get it, we as the adults … Read more

What is Social-Emotional Learning and Why is this So Important?

social-emotional learning in kids with ADHD

When I spoke at this year’s National CHADD conference this past week, my presentation was Teaching Grit, Perseverance, and Frustration Tolerance to Children and Adolescents.  I can confidently say that this topic was very important and the lecture was very well received.  At the core of my presentation was the notion that we MUST place … Read more

How Fast is Smart?

If you ask most children how they know who the smartest kids in the class are, they will often respond that they are the ones who raise their hands the quickest and turn in their tests the fastest. Assumption: Speed equals Intelligence. Executive Function and Why It’s Important Before I address the implications of this … Read more

504 Plan or not … Let’s help kids with ADHD learn!

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national education and advocacy organization, recently released the results of a survey they conducted to explore its “longstanding concerns with the process, quality, and implementation of Section 504 plans and with compliance with the regulations governing them. The results of their survey highlight the problems I … Read more

New York City Mindfulness and Education Seminar Takeaways

This weekend I went to a Mindfulness and Education seminar in New York City. The auditorium was packed with the wonderful energy of teachers wanting to learn how they can bring mindfulness into their classrooms. We were treated with wonderful exercises and inspiration from leaders in the field like Linda Lantieri, Daniel Goleman, and Daniel … Read more