executive function and mindset

What Parents & Educators Need to Know About Executive Function & Mindset©

Executive Functions are the cognitive skills needed for academic performance, social skills, and life skills.  Commonly, these are the skills utilized to organize, plan, initiate, manage emotion, shift maintain focus and use working memory.  They govern the HOW you do what you DECIDE to do.  This presentation will briefly explain how Executive Function skills are developed and will include tips, tools, and strategies parents can use to promote optimal success in all aspects of life. How can we help kids WANT … Read more

parenting kids with ADHD

10 Strategies for Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges©

This presentation provides an overview of ADHD beyond diagnosis as well as the essential steps, tools, skills, and perspectives needed to help your child thrive.  Learn about the best supports you really need, the facts about ADHD beyond the diagnosis that you may not know, and how to best prepare yourselves for the journey ahead.  

strategies for students with ADHD

ADDitude Webinar: The ADHD Guide to Productive Parent-Teacher Cooperation

Enjoy this replay of my webinar on ADDitude Magazine online. Click Here to Access the Replay Parents, you have valuable, insightful, and comprehensive knowledge about your child — and his or her ADHD. You are the expert in the curriculum or subject content; Mom and Dad are the experts in the child. Working together in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation ensures that your child will reach his or her potential — and the new school year will be smooth, … Read more