CHADD: Teaching Grit, Perseverance and Frustration Tolerance with Robin Maggio

Robin Maggio with CHADD presents and interviews Cindy for their webcast series “Ask the Expert Educator Edition”. This excerpt is from the CHADD website archive page (now on YouTube): “…Learning new content can happen through instruction, opportunities to practice the information, as well as time and effort. However, the ability of students to succeed academically does not solely rely on curriculum. The ability to regulate emotional and cognitive impulses greatly impacts a student’s ability to succeed academically and elsewhere in … Read more

ADDitude Magazine Online: How Mindset Impacts Learning

This is a premium webinar from the ADDitude website: “…In this audio webinar and slide presentation of “How Mindset Impacts Learning,” Cindy Goldrich, discusses: 1. Common challenges to learning for kids with ADHD and LD 2. The importance of believing they can learn 3. Teaching kids how learning happens in the brain 4. Using failure as a learning experience…” Purchase the webinar here: