Michelle Midgette is a PTS Coaching Parent Coach, Neuropsychological Testing Assistant, and certified teacher with 15 years of experience assessing ADHD and other learning and behavior concerns.

She helps parents and caregivers understand their child’s assessments and service plans with clear explanations and real-world examples.

Michelle can review your child’s current documentation (school evaluation reports, neuropsychological reports, and other clinical notes that diagnose ADHD and additional learning, behavioral, and mental health concerns) so that you can use the information to appropriately advocate for your child at school and understand more clearly how to support them at home.

She will provide you with a short write-up, including recommendations for further assessment, 504 Plan and IEP planning, suggestions for the home, and other follow-up information. This can also be helpful to parents who are hesitant to have their child labeled or suspect that their child’s 504 Plan or IEP is inadequate. 
She can also offer a one-hour consultation to explain concepts in the documentation and her recommendations.

Understanding your child’s learning and behavioral profile is essential in helping you and those who work with your child best meet your child’s developmental and academic needs. As I always say, you must “Parent the Child You Have.” With professional assessments and clinical observations, we can have a more accurate view of our child’s strengths and challenges. One of the essential elements of the work is the follow-up after testing, working closely with parents to help them understand their child’s diagnoses and opening their eyes to their child’s strengths and challenges. This is where change within the family really starts, and children can get what they need at home and school. However, sometimes the information parents are provided is confusing, overwhelming, and seemingly contradictory. Support is necessary to make the best use of the data to know how and why a child was diagnosed or why having a 504 plan in place doesn’t seem to be fostering improvements. Parents sometimes feel that their providers did not take adequate time to review the information or that the additional cost is prohibitive. And, sometimes, what seemed so clear initially, upon later review, more questions arise.

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