PTS Coaching - ADHD Coaching for Couples

ADHD Coaching for Couples Parenting a Child with ADHD

Even when two adults love and respect one another, their philosophies and strategies for parenting may be very different. This is where ADHD coaching for couples can help. We were each raised with a unique experience based on who we are and how our parents interacted with us. These experiences inform how we approach our parenting journey.

Whether you are co-parenting in the same home or different homes, it is vital for the mental health and success of your child that you agree on the boundaries and expectations you have for your children. The difference in approaches can lead to confusion, depression, anxiety, and defiance on the part of the child.

I am available to meet with you for ADHD coaching for couples, to help you understand one another’s concerns and perspectives and to help you work together on behalf of your child.