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By now you may have experienced that ADHD and Executive Function challenges involve more than just difficulty with inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. For many children, it involves struggling with managing their emotions, their ability to plan and carry out their goals, and much more.

Often, when children are diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Function challenges, or Anxiety parents are given little more than some reading material, general advice and perhaps medication for their child. Research shows that parent education and coaching are crucial components in the treatment of children with ADHD and other challenging behaviors.

My staff of trained parent coaches and I are available for private coaching sessions. I always suggest that you participate in the Understanding ADHD and Executive Function© workshop and the Calm and Connected: Parenting the Child You Have© workshop before private sessions, however, this is not a pre-requisite. These workshops will allow us to work on a deeper level to implement the strategies and tools discussed in the workshops.

Are you and your parenting partner not on the same page?
Whether two people are parenting together or separately, disagreements in parenting beliefs and styles can cause tremendous stress for both the parents and the children. Through coaching, we can help you work through your differences and use a more collaborative approach to parenting your children. Coaching sessions are available in person or virtually via Skype, FaceTime, etc, depending on your preference and availability.

Pricing and Logistics for Parent Coaching

  • The Parent Coaching fee is $200 per session with Cindy and $150 with one of her trained Coaches. Each session is 50 minutes.
  • You may also choose to pay for a 4-session package for $700 for Cindy or $550 with one of her Coaches, due at the beginning of the 4-week schedule. 
  • Parent Coaching sessions are held in person or virtually via Skype or FaceTime, depending on preference and the geographic distance between coach and client.

To request an individual parent coaching session, please click the button below, complete the request, and we will be in touch soon.

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