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PTS Coaching en colaboración con Avant-Garde Counseling & Coaching Center tiene el placer de anunciar el taller Calmados & Conectados: Criando al hijo que tienes© se encuentra ahora en Español.

Los cursos del taller de PTS Coaching Tranquilos & Conectados© ayudan a los padres a obtener información, herramientas y estrategias para manejar el TDAH de sus hijos, los desafíos de la función ejecutiva, el trastorno de oposición desafiante y otros desafíos de comportamiento mediante el uso de la filosofía En Tranquilos y Conectados © y los principios SEL (aprendizaje social y emocional).

¡Inscríbase ahora y comience un camino para traer alegría, felicidad y armonía a su familia! 

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Tranquilos & Conectados: Criando Niños con TDAH/Retos en las Funciones Ejecutivas©

Serie de Talleres de 7 sesiones*
Creado por Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP
Instructor:  Dulce Torres, LPC-S, BCC, ACC


La crianza de los hijos puede ser muy desafiante cuando tiene un hijo que piensa o aprende de forma diferente. 

¿Hay demasiado conflicto y dificultades en tu hogar?
¿Tiene dificultades para criar a un niño con TDAH, Trastorno de Desafío a la Oposición o problemas de funcionamiento ejecutivo?
¿Necesita ayuda para establecer límites y motivar a su hijo?
¿Quieres mantener la calma cuando intentas comunicarte con tu hijo?
¿Te preocupa que tu hijo no alcance su potencial

¿No sería genial regresar a tener calma? ¿Mejorar su relación padre-hijo?
¿Realmente apoya a sus hijos para desarrollar las destrezas que necesitan para prosperar?

A través de mi enfoque basado en fuerza positiva, usted:
Obtendrá información valiosa, consejos, herramientas y estrategias.
Reducirá la discusión, el desafío y las batallas diarias.
Desarrollara estrategias y confianza para apoyar a su hijo sin engreírlo.
Motivar sin depender de recompensas y castigos.
Pondrá fin al conflicto y al caos en tu hogar.
Establezca límites y desarrolle todo el potencial de su hijo.
Ayude a su hijo a desarrollar resiliencia, flexibilidad, agallas y perseverancia.
"Cria al hijo que tienes". 

Sesión 1- Aprendizaje, motivación y Comportamiento: El impacto en niños con TDAH y Desafíos de la función ejecutiva ©
Sesión 2 - Permanezca Tranquilo y Conectado
Sesión 3 - Mejorar la Comunicación
Sesión 4 - Fomentar la Colaboración
Sesión 5 - Logrando Claridad y Consistencia
Sesión 6 - Consecuencias Efectivas
Sesión 7 - Hacer Mejores Selecciones 

Las pautas de la Academia Americana de Pediatría (APP) dicen que para tratar el TDAH y los problemas de conducta en los niños debe haber una combinación entre las estrategias de los médicos y la del comportamiento. Algunos de estos enfoques son tratamientos como la terapia conductual, el manejo del comportamiento o las intervenciones.
El Centro de Control y Prevención de Enfermedades del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los EE. UU realizó un estudio sobre los entrenamientos a diferentes padres. Llegaron a la conclusión de que los programas siempre obtienen mejores resultados cuando enseñan habilidades utilizando tareas, ejemplos, juegos de papeles (roles) y padres que practican con sus propios hijos en casa. 

¡Comience un camino para traer más alegría, conexión y armonía a su familia!
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Incluye folletos, correos electrónicos de seguimiento con recursos adicionales, enlaces y herramientas para ayudarlo.

Costo y días:
$399 por persona/$499 por pareja
7 Jueves Consecutivos
Comenzando el Febrero 13, 2020
Dos horarios para seleccionar:
Jueves a las 12:00 pm-2:00 PM (CST)
Jueves a las 6:00 pm-8:00 pm (CST) 



  • Taller virtual ofrecido por Dulce Torres
  • Escucha y comparte con otras familias experimentando dificultades similares.
  • ¡Haga sus preguntas durante el taller e interactúe con otros participantes!
  • Más costo efectivo que el coaching individual.
  • ¡Reciba folletos con orientación y recursos que usted puede guardar!
  • Completa el resumen del curso y las notas para cada sesión, son suyas para mantener.
  • “I have learned that when I don't react or respond to every emotional outburst, fewer and less severe problematic situations (related to my child's unwillingness, particularly for chores, homework, mealtimes, and sibling interactions) occurred.”

    – Ellen P. (Mother)

  • “I feel so much less stress, as a parent.cI knew I probably needed to be more consistent, set limits, and create structure, but now I have the tools and confidence to really make the changes for me and for my child.”

    – Jane S. (Mother)

  • “I now, really know how to distinguish if my child is being willfully defiant or manipulative, or if he is just really struggling to do what he should. This allows me to respond more effectively and help really change the outcomes.”

    – Elisa R. (Mother)

  • "You’ve developed a really brilliant program here. I wish I had it when my son was first diagnosed 10 years ago!”

    – Gwynn A. (Mother and APCA Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

  • "Cindy Goldrich is insightful, real, and reassuring. If you are wondering whether your struggles with your atypical child are typical, Cindy's seminar is the best place to start. You will find common ground immediately with other parents who adore their children but are struggling immensely. You will find answers to your questions. You will find laughter and camaraderie. You will find reassurance that you are already a good parent -- one who will increasingly strengthen bonds and provide the best support you can with Cindy's guidance, tools, and strategies. Cindy is the best type of coach -- one who provides the most-up-to-date science, research, and educational insights while also providing the means to more calm and confidence that are the very art of parenting. I encourage you to take the opportunity to join Cindy's seminar; you will not be disappointed."

    - Jen B. (Mother)

  • "This training course and Calm and Connected© material is so fantastic; it’s meaty with descriptions of most importantly what it’s like for kids with ADHD, with concepts like disability thinking on the parents end to help defray emotional reaction to child’s behaviors, solid and sensible communication techniques that can work in ANY relationship. I’m sure you’ve heard over and over from coaching trainees that they wished they had Calm and Connected© for their own family issues. I know that’s how I feel. And though my son is in a good place, and feeling fulfilled yet still learning, I have really kept this curriculum in mind when the much less occasional friction rears up. So thank you! Your delivery is therapeutic, positive and easy to maintain full attention for 2 hours at a clip. Honest, and clear, and so willing to clear up any confusion in a calm manner.”

    - Heidi P. (Mother and Graduate of ADHD Parent Coach Training Academy)

  • "I knew I needed better communication skills to be able to cope with the new phase of our relationship. ...I think it was one the smartest thing I ever did in my life. I feel it is going to bring me closer to my son and understand what he was trying to tell me, for a very simple reason, I now know how to communicate with a calm and collaborative problem solving attitude instead of being a judgmental, short tempered parent. I love my son dearly. If this will make me help him and not enable him, I will do it again and again and again. For me that was the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Cindy."

      - Amal A. (Mother and ADHD Parent Coach Training Academy Graduate)

  • “I highly recommend working with Cindy. She brings, calm, clarity, and wisdom to your family when you need it most. She understands the challenges you encounter on a daily basis and helps you over the hurdles. Cindy provides her wisest insights and still respects your position and supports you unwaveringly. Most importantly, she helps you see your child in a new light so that you can be your child’s biggest advocate. I am forever grateful for all that Cindy has taught me and my family.”

    - Stacey G. (Mother of 8 yr. old girl)

  • “I am a clinical psychologist and I have worked with many psychologists, social workers and therapists. I took Cindy’s 7-week course on parenting children with ADHD, and was very impressed. Cindy covers a broad range of material, and offers many practical techniques and tools for parents dealing with challenging children. But most importantly, Cindy has a gift for making parents feel understood. She helps parents look at their weaknesses without making them feel badly about their parenting. She provides a great sense of hope for parents who are feeling despairing and guilty. I so valued her coaching that my daughter and I now work with her privately on an ongoing basis. Working with Cindy has been invaluable to us and our relationship. I highly recommend Cindy’s class and her coaching to parents and professionals working with people with ADHD.”

     - Eve L. (mother of 11 yr. old girl)

  • “My son and I are so much more respectful to one another. We are not screaming at each other, but rather connecting and interacting in a calm manner. We, as a family have learned so much! The time management skills have changed our homework hours and created an environment of love and support, not a battlefield! Thank you Cindy!”

    - Susan W. (mother of 14 yr. old boy)

  • “You have given me renewed joy with my daughter. Thank you so much!”

    - Marissa C. (mother of 8 yr. old girl)

  • Cindy's Calm and Connected© parenting workshop is incredible. It helped improve my relationship with my son with ADHD and our overall family dynamics. I go back to the materials often!

     - Jacqueline (review from ADDitdue)

  • "Cindy, if it weren't for your Calm and Connected© class I would not have had the tools to recognize the symptoms. I'm happy to report he is now in 8th grade, has a 504, and is feeling much better about his achievements".

    - Martha Y (Mom from NY)

  • “I loved the content and delivery. I felt like i was talking with a friend. Cindy you are very relatable and the connection you have with the parents is very special. There is Nothing false about you. We can tell you feel passionate about your work and passionate about helping others. I am so grateful for you and this workshop!”

    - Allison S. (Mother of a 12 yr. old boy)

  • “Cindy has made the very difficult task of parenting a child with ADHD so much more manageable for me. The mantras she shares have been very helpful in enabling me to deal with the anger and “why me” feelings that often accompany having a child with ADHD. She has truly helped me “Parent the child I have” (to use a quote that Cindy often does). I feel better knowing Cindy is there when I need her.”

    - Joan R. (mother of 7 yr. old girl)

  • “The 1st meeting I had with Cindy I just vented and she listened. She was compassionate and knowledgeable and helped me realize I could help my son. After Cindy visited my son’s school and spoke with his teacher I knew she was an awesome asset to my son’s education. The strategies she suggested to his teacher worked within a week and he is on a path of success.”

    - Emily (Mother of 7 yr. old boy)