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ADHD in the Classroom

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions from all involved, children may struggle to perform in school as expected or required. Whether the concerns are academic, or behavioral, the impact of ADHD in the classroom on the child, and often the parent, can be significant.

Your child’s teachers may be very well-meaning and skilled in teaching the curriculum, however, not every teacher has a full understanding of the impact of ADHD and executive function on learning, motivation, and behavior. They may not have the insights, tools, and strategies to support your child adequately.

With my years of experience in teacher training and parent coaching, I am able to collaborate with teachers and parents to address the challenges of ADHD in the classroom. I provide education, tools, and strategies to devise effective approaches toward helping children succeed in the classroom and help make homework time less stressful.

I am available to meet with parents and educators in person or remotely (phone or video conference). Please get in touch with me, click the button below and fill out our Contact Form on the next page.

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