Calm and Connected CPS Refresher

Special Refresher Course for Graduates of the
7-Session Calm and Connected© series.
Improve Parenting Skills

If you have taken the complete 7-Session Calm and Connected parent workshop series (either live or the on-demand eCourse), please take advantage of this special workshop by Parent Coach Andrea Elrom.

As 7-Session Calm and Connected© grads, you know that we have gained a deep understanding that at the core of ADHD are continued struggles with weak executive function skills.

We have also learned that we as parents need to take a more collaborative and proactive approach to helping our children to succeed.

Please join us for a deeper dive into Collaborative Problem Solving for a refresher and support in these Two 2-Hour sessions

Created by ADHD Parent Coach Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP

Collaborative Problem Solving

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Collaborative Problem Solving is an evidence-based model based on the premise that challenging behaviors occur when demands and expectations exceed one’s capacity to respond adaptively and appropriately. 

As children with Learning Disabilities struggle with Thinking Skills related to Reading, Writing, and Math, Behaviorally Challenged kids struggle with Thinking Skills related to  Flexibility, Frustration Tolerance, and problem-solving.


What do we see?

Challenging behaviors ( swearing, yelling, avoiding)  instead of understanding and identifying skills that kids are lacking aka “Lagging Skills.” 


What are the values of working with a collaborative and proactive approach?

Reduce meltdowns, defiance, and conflict

Pursue expectations with clear communication

Teach lagging “thinking” skills 

Solve Problems 

Examine and reflect on your parenting styles

Get kids TALKING- improving communication

Enhances relationships



Change takes time for all involved.  But the results of using a Collaborative approach are undeniable.

By using this approach, you will be helping your children feel heard, respected, and supported, which can lead to a more positive home environment.

We will support you in using the process and help you stay accountable for the changes you seek to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When two people are involved in parenting a challenging child, the approach and philosophy they each take must support one another. While each parent doesn’t need to participate in the Workshop Series, the opportunity for both to hear firsthand and explore the challenging issues with me is highly beneficial and recommended.

Each session includes handouts and follow-up emails with additional resources to support you.

Being a parent of a challenging child can sometimes feel very isolating. Friends and family members may be well-meaning, but without experiencing the daily problems and difficulties you and your child face, their support and guidance may fall short. Learning and sharing with other parents allows you to create meaningful connections with others who can understand and help you as you travel your parenting journey.

Yes, Cindy has her own ADHD Parent Coach Academy where she trains professionals who can work one-on-one with you.

Yes. Single parents find it especially valuable to have other parents to share concerns with and to learn from. Any grandparents or other guardians who are significant caregivers will benefit from the knowledge this workshop provides. And the child will benefit by having everyone educated and in agreement regarding the child’s care.

Prices, Dates & Times

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Tuesdays with Andrea ElromNovember 14 (review) & November 21 (support & discussion)7 PM – 9 PM Eastern (5 PM – 7 PM Mountain)

2 Session Refresher Course: $125 Register


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Cindy’s Books

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Testimonials from Parents

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