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Professional ADHD/ Executive Function
Parent Coach Training

led by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M, ADHD-CCSP
via Live-Interactive Webinar
BEGINS: Tues, Sept 29 or Wed, Sept 30

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Become an ADHD/EF Parent Coach

When a child struggles with ADHD, Executive Function skills, learning, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, the whole family struggles.
Parents need their own support.

Cindy Goldrich's ADHD Parent Coach Academy will give you the tools needed to support parents who are struggling with raising a child with these challenges and helping them to thrive! 

The Training...

Participants will be trained to facilitate Cindy's widely recognized Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© parent workshop series for groups and to incorporate her parenting model into their private client sessions.

This training consists of 30 hours of live-interactive class and discussion.  Each class is recorded, allowing those for whom the live sessions are difficult to attend an opportunity to take the course off-line.  

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive 30 CEU’s from ICF and CCE-Global coaching organizations.

The Calm and Connected© workshop has garnished name recognition/ brand recognition globally.
I now have Parent 
Coaches offering the Calm and Connected© workshop and coaching parents one-on-one, in the US, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, China, and Sweden. In addition to English, the Workshop is offered in Spanish and Chinese.  More and more parents worldwide recognize that ADHD/EF Parent Coaching (one-on-one or in a group workshop) is a valuable way to help them learn to best support their children.  

A Note from Cindy...

I am Cindy Goldrich. For more than a decade, I have been supporting parents through the most perplexing and stressful challenges they have ever faced – helping the children, whom they love so dearly, learn to become their best selves.  Along the way, I have seen parents go through tremendous personal growth, and I have seen marriages go from contentious to supportive.  They share with me their stories of success, large and small.  Reports of less arguing and ignoring rules, deeper, more meaningful communication, joyful time spent together, and improved grades and school reports.

Parenting is not easy, especially when a child has attentional, behavioral, or learning challenges.  I believe that parents parent out of love, intuition, and logic.  However, when they have a complex child, parents need specific knowledge, tools, and strategies to help them make systemic changes in how they approach parenting and teach their children.

This training is open to Mental Health professionals, Professional Coaches, Educators, Nurse Practitioners, School Psychologists, and Parents/ Caregivers committed to helping families impacted by ADHD/EF challenges thrive.

PTS Coaching is growing we want you to be a part of it!

Here's What You Can Expect From This Training:

All classes are held via Live-Interactive Webinar.

The training is led by internationally-known Parent Coach, Teacher Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Advocate, Cindy Goldrich.

Expand your practice by providing one-on-one parent coaching support based on the impactful CalmConnected© philosophy and practices.

Become a Licensed Provider of the Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD /Executive Function Challenges© parenting workshops to offer to your community.  [All marketing and course materials will be provided.]

Earn 30 credits for CCE through ICF and 30 credits for BCC through CCE. (more details below)

Become adept at facilitating a group workshop and leading parents through the CalmConnected© philosophy as you guide parents in understanding how ADHD and Executive Function development impacts their child's learning, motivation, and behavior.

Learn to present, my Top Ten Strategies for Parenting Kids with ADHD© presentation, an educational workshop for parent groups for use as a community service and marketing tool.

Learn the essential science and latest research on how ADHD and Executive Function Deficits impact every aspect of an individual’s life.

Develop best practices and strategies to improve child behavior and performance at home, in school, and in life as you help parents gain knowledge, strength, and confidence as parents.

Gain comfort and confidence in marketing and networking to expand your referral base and reach new clients.

Support and Empower Parents to Parent the Child They Have.

Course Details


This course is approved for 30 hours of International Coaching Federation Continuing Education credit and 30 hours of CCE-Global Board Certified Coach Continuing Education credit.

Participants who complete the training will become certified licensed facilitators of Calm and Connected: Parenting the Child You Have© Seven session parent coaching workshop series.


Dates & Time:


Sept 29, Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov. 10, 17, Dec. 1, 8, 15, 2020
@ 5 pm-7 pm Mountain Time

Sept 30, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov. 11, 18, Dec. 2, 9 Dec 16, 2020
@ 1:30 pm-3:30 pm Mountain Ti

All Classes held via Live-Interactive Webinar


30-Hour Training:
 $3200 or 3 Payments of $1150

Pricing covers ten sessions plus the first year’s licensing fee of $950 for the right to train and utilize all materials from the Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© and Understanding the Impact of ADHD and Executive Function on Learning, Motivation, and Behavior©workshops.

After the first year, the fee is $950/year to train and utilize all materials from the workshop.
See Renewable Annual License Fee Details below.

Renewable Annual License Fee Required for:

  • Use of Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© workshop course materials, logo, and marketing materials
  • Use of Top Ten Strategies for Parenting Kids with ADHD© presentation, an educational workshop for parent groups for use as a community service and marketing tool.
  • Opportunity for referrals from PTS Coaching, LLC

Still Have Some Questions?

Please email me to set up a time for us to speak.

Here's what APCA Graduates have shared...

I really enjoyed this training! I learned so much from you and have been reflecting on everything I have learned from the moment the course began. You are an excellent teacher and obviously a gifted parent coach. I have derived so many benefits from this training including a stronger ability to stay calm, listen to others, appreciate my strengths as a coach as well as a clinician, and gain a clearer understanding of the components that are required for effective parenting.
- Lauren A. (APCA Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

You’ve developed a really brilliant program here. I wish I had it when my son was first diagnosed 10 years ago!
- Gwynn A. (Mother and APCA Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

I have just completed your ADHD Parent Coach training and I wanted to say I have never been more motivated to help a community of parents/educators who are lost and not educated enough like myself (before) to know the difficulties of raising and teaching students with ADHD. You opened my eyes to so much!
- Brittney W. (Educator and ADHD Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

Cindy is a brilliant teacher and coach. I recently completed her PTS Coaching and feel extremely knowledgeable and confident to present this very informative and user-friendly program in my community. Cindy’s constant support and feedback allow me to provide parents with concrete strategies, tools, and knowledge that can change chaos into calm. She is “real and realistic,” I am so incredibly grateful to her.
– ADHD Parent Coach Academy Graduate

I found this training to be extremely comprehensive and well laid out. I found the information extremely valuable and I liked the flow of how each piece built on each other. This training provides a very comprehensive overview of the child with ADHD and why it should be imperative for every parent to take this course. It is evident that you have put an enormous amount of time and energy and love into this course. I love the idea of being able to have this sort of template already created and deliverable vs. having to try to start from scratch. For that, I am especially grateful for the course.
- APCA Graduate, 2017

This training course and Calm and Connected© material is so fantastic; it’s meaty with descriptions of most importantly what it’s like for kids with ADHD, with concepts like disability thinking on the parents end to help defray emotional reaction to child’s behaviors, solid and sensible communication techniques that can work in ANY relationship. I’m sure you’ve heard over and over from coaching trainees that they wished they had Calm and Connected© for their own family issues. I know that’s how I feel. And though my son is in a good place, and feeling fulfilled yet still learning, I have really kept this curriculum in mind when the much less occasional friction rears up. So thank you! Your delivery is therapeutic, positive and easy to maintain full attention for 2 hours at a clip. Honest, and clear, and so willing to clear up any confusion in a calm manner.
- Heidi P. (Mother and ADHD Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

I knew I needed better communication skills to be able to cope with the new phase of our relationship. ...I think it was one of the smartest things I ever did in my life. I feel it is going to bring me closer to my son and understand what he was trying to tell me, for a very simple reason, I now know how to communicate with a calm and collaborative problem-solving attitude instead of being a judgmental, short-tempered parent. I love my son dearly. If this will make me help him and not enable him, I will do it again and again and again. For me, that was the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Cindy.
- Amal A. (Mother and ADHD Parent Coach Academy Graduate)

Facts About Parenting & ADHD/Executive Function Challenges:

  • Poor parenting cannot and does not cause ADHD or other learning challenges.
  • There are inherent neurobiological differences that make parenting some children much more complex.
  • When parents do not have a personalized and complete understanding of how ADHD and other challenges are impacting their unique child, they risk unintentionally creating stressors and conflict in their very caring attempts to motivate and influence their child’s behavior and performance.
  • Parent coaching is one of the most important interventions for helping children with ADHD, Executive Function challenges and learning challenges thrive.
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