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Become a Certified PTS Coaching Tutor

Date: TBD

Location: Allied Physicians Group, 3 Huntington Quadrangle, #105 South Tower, Melville, NY 11747
Time: 7 – 9 pm
Materials: Includes support materials to use when working with students.

You are in demand.

I am often approached by parents who are looking for support for their children who are struggling with homework. Parents reach out to us because they are looking for a tutor who understands not only the academic material but, who is also knowledgeable of how ADHD and Executive Function skill deficits impact children’s learning.
Parents are looking for a Tutor who…
  • can help their child learn how to manage their time, materials, and the overall process of doing their homework – from leaving school prepared, to completing the work in a timely fashion, to bringing the completed work back to school.
  • will help their child develop strategies to deal with their challenges and feel optimistic that they can succeed.
  • understands a child’s ADHD and Executive function challenges and there impact on learning.
 A trained PTS Coaching tutor is exactly what they are looking for.

It’s the best of both worlds for these children who struggle. Certified Teachers, trained to work with the challenges of ADHD and Executive Function Deficits.


  • Be listed on the PTS Coaching Tutors Website as a Certified PTS Coaching Tutor for our clients to see.
  • Be fully trained by me, in tutoring students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges
  • Specialize in helping students with organizational and time management skills.
  • Bring plenty of tips, tools, and strategies to help your client learn as she/he learns best.

 We Don’t Provide Bandaids – We Build Skills!

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