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ADHD Coaching for Teens & College Students Can Mean the Difference Between Struggle and Success.

ADHD coaching is a specialized form of support designed to empower individuals with ADHD, and Executive Function challenges. Rather than focusing solely on addressing symptoms, coaching aims to build essential life skills and strategies that promote self-awareness, goal-setting, time management, and overall executive functioning.

Coaching is about making changes through experimentation. There’s no failure in coaching, only feedback that we use to direct future steps or strategies.

Coaching has been shown to improve students’ ability to organize, set and achieve goals, and learn to self-regulate – all critical skills needed for a successful education.

Coaching has been shown to improve students’ ability to organize, set and achieve goals, and learn to self-regulate – all critical skills needed for a successful education.

Our students report feeling less stress, greater empowerment, and increased confidence, and they feel that coaching has helped them have a more balanced life.

It is common for teens and college students to want to be more active in managing their schedules and plans. It is a healthy progression towards independence. Parents sometimes struggle with knowing when and how to pull back to provide their children the space to chart their own course.

School and its accompanying expectations can sometimes become a tremendous burden for students. The time commitments, strenuous course loads, and concerns about the next step – be it college or career, can take their toll on the student and their family. These struggles are often more significant for students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges than their peers’ experience.

My certified ADHD Coaches are specifically educated and trained to help young adults learn and strengthen their Executive Function and self-management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coaching and Therapy are similar in many ways, as they both seek to help people become more functional and successful in their lives. Whereas Therapy focuses primarily on treating mental disorders and coping with past traumas, coaching focuses on helping you gain self-awareness and develop strategies for responding more effectively to inherent challenges. Coaching does not focus on “why” but “what now?” Your coach is not the expert but rather the facilitator to help you develop insights, tools, and strategies to learn your own best way. Coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education, and recreation. When appropriate, we work collaboratively with therapists and psychiatrists.

ADHD Coaching is a collaborative process designed to help minimize the effects of ADHD on your day-to-day life and help you more easily achieve your goals. The approach is not to fix a perceived flaw or deficit but to help you enhance and leverage the creativity, skills, and resources you already possess. The goal is to help you improve your ability to regulate attention, reduce impulsive behavior, and manage hyperactivity. Together we shift problems into goals and help you stay accountable to those goals. A certified ADHD Coach is trained in the latest research and the most effective treatments for working with people with ADHD, Executive Function disorders, and related issues. We provide support to help you develop a deep understanding of ADHD and its impact on all areas of life: school/work, home, and social.
Widely respected organizations and individuals, including the National Institute of Mental Health, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD), Russell Barkley (ADHD: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment), and Edward Hallowell (Driven to Distraction), have endorsed Coaching as a vital missing link for achieving success.

Your ADHD Coach collaborates with you to help you achieve the goals you set and help you develop tools and strategies to better manage the steps along the way. It’s a partnering process to help you evaluate your challenges and establish new methods of addressing them.

Coaching usually involves weekly sessions and includes brief check-ins by email or text during the week to help with accountability toward your goals. Dealing with challenges and results between sessions accelerates awareness and skill-building while emphasizing accountability and encouragement.

While change can begin immediately, it often takes time to experiment with new behaviors and see if they are helpful. Most coaches suggest three months or a semester to practice new problem-solving skills and evaluate solutions. As the client, you must engage willingly in the coaching process and be ready to experiment with new strategies and behaviors. This should include a gradual education to determine what obstacles hinder learning and how ADHD affects thinking. Often the real work begins when the novelty of change wears off, and we begin to address some of the more systemic changes that are needed.

Sometimes parents and partners need coaching, too, to better understand how ADHD and Executive Function impact learning, motivation, behavior, and the whole family system. We also offer support for Parents and other family members.


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The Coaching fee is $150 per session. Each session is usually between 50 minutes and an hour, at a time mutually convenient for the student and the coach.

You may also choose to pay for a 4-session package for $550, due at the beginning of the 4-week schedule.

Coaching is not covered by health insurance. If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account), you may be able to use that for coaching sessions. Please check with your account provider.

ADHD Parent Coaching

Are you a Parent of a child or teen with ADHD and would like parenting support?

The most significant impact parents can have on their children with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges is to help them understand what is really getting in the way of them meeting their goals, and to provide them with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to succeed – in school, at home, socially… IN LIFE!
Learn more about ADHD Parent Coaching

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