ADHD and Teen Drivers: Sobering Statistics and Advice from the Experts

  Do you have a teen with ADHD or other executive-functioning challenges who wants to learn to drive? Have you heard the studies that show that teen drivers with ADHD are four times more likely to be in a car accident than their peers who do not struggle with executive-functioning impairments? So, what is a parent to do? Of all possible risks, including illness, substance abuse, and even violence, none is more likely to cause serious injury or death than … Read more

Can ADHD Coaching Help My Child?

The world of ADHD Coaching is becoming more and more recognized as a powerful and effective support to help students with ADHD achieve their goals. Coaching is a collaborative, action-oriented partnership designed to help people make the changes they want. ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching specifically designed to address the unique concerns of individuals who deal with the challenges of ADHD. To be effective, the Coach and the Client must unite on a shared agenda; one that the Client feels … Read more

“Happy Birthday, Dear! You Have ADHD!” (Published in ADDitude Magazine Fall 2015)

I recently heard from an ADDitude Magazine reader looking for help: “My daughter just turned 15 and, as a not so happy birthday present, she was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. She did well in elementary school, but is struggling in high school. She seems depressed and has grown quiet. She now takes ADHD medication, but what else can we do to help her succeed in school and feel better about herself? How can we help her at home? Should we … Read more

Trouble Focusing? Try Fidgeting with Purpose

I recently contributed an article to Noodle, an educational website for students, parents, and professionals.  Here is an excerpt.  See the link below to read the complete article. Consistent excessive movement is typically associated with a child who has ADHD-Hyperactive Type. And while many parents and educators consider this behavior to be a negative symptom of the disorder, researchers are learning that movement can help stimulate the networks of the brain that control attention. Individuals with ADHD generally don’t produce … Read more

504 Plan or not … Let’s help kids with ADHD learn!

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national education and advocacy organization, recently released the results of a survey they conducted to explore its “longstanding concerns with the process, quality and implementation of Section 504 plans and with compliance with the regulations governing them” (See Summary of Survey on 504 Plans in the School System for the full report.). The results of their survey highlight the problems I find in my practice on a regular basis. There is … Read more

How’s your marketing plan?

Best Practices for Parenting Kids with ADHD Another school year is just about done and for many parents, and kids, it just wasn’t what was hoped for. The grades didn’t match expectations, personal projects were left unfinished, and outside goals were not realized. It’s not easy seeing so much potential go untapped. Frustration and fear often build up as weeks, months, or even years pass by with seemingly little substantial movement. How can we make sure that this disappointment doesn’t … Read more