Can I help my child develop grit and perseverance?

I recently gave a presentation at the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) conference on impact of mindset (our belief about our ability to improve) on learning. During the questioning at the end of the presentation, one teacher asked, “I work with High School students. Is it too late to help them learn to deal with frustration and keep working?” We can all certainly understand the question – at what point do we start to say, “Well, that’s just the way he … Read more

3 Quick Tips for Learning

Taking the Stress Out of Learning with Three Quick Tips Stressed brains don’t learn well. Make sure you set yourself up for success Learn relaxing breathing techniques. Even 1 minute can make a difference. Find a “go to” exercise. Something short, brisk, easy to do just to break the tension in your body. Set yourself up in an environment conducive to peaceful learning for you. For some people, this might mean empty and silent, for others this may mean full … Read more