Updated info on Section 504 impact regarding ADHD

Next week I will be attending the National CHADD Conference in Costa Mesa, California; a conference I have attended annually since 2008.  I will be presenting two sessions at the conference: Teaching Grit, Perseverance, and Frustration Tolerance to Children and Adolescents and The Value and Practice of Teaching Children How to Have a Productive Conversation. CHADD is … Read more

Can I help my child develop grit and perseverance?

I recently gave a presentation at the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) conference on impact of mindset (our belief about our ability to improve) on learning. During the questioning at the end of the presentation, one teacher asked, “I work with High School students. Is it too late to help them learn to deal with frustration … Read more

College on the horizon?

Summer is prime time for all rising seniors to get a head start on college applications to reduce the stress of the fall semester. For students with learning differences or ADHD, a summer start is especially crucial as so much of the admissions process is organizing all of the application components and staying on top … Read more

The Middle School Years –Transitions, Turmoil and Teenagers Who Struggle

The middle school years are often challenging for students with ADHD and can be especially difficult for those who possess weak Executive Function skills. As students enter middle school, the structure and teacher-centered supports that existed during the elementary school years, and often served to keep children afloat, suddenly disappear. This transition can be quite … Read more