PTS Coaching - Meet the Team

Melissa Fava

Business Manager

Long Island, New York
Melissa is Cindy’s right and left-hand person. She welcomes new clients and supports clients and coaches so that they can establish and maintain effective working relationships.
Melissa believes deeply in the human connection. She feels that everyone wants to be heard and validated and that every person goes through life, trying their best. Whether an adult or a child, everyone has their “thing”. She believes in treating each other as we want to be treated, and hopefully, that is with patience, kindness, and understanding.

Melissa has a passion for yoga, meditation, acting, writing children's books, learning anything and everything, and above all, her family.

Tamara Pelosi

Tamara Pelosi, Ed.D.

Parent Coach

Long Island, New York
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Tamara earned her Doctorate in Education from Southeastern Nova University in 2007.  Her passion to be an ADHD Parent Coach started with being a parent herself of a child with ADHD/Anxiety, she truly understands the true impact that a diagnosis of ADHD can have on a family. She is the founder of Polaris Coaching and Consultant Services, which offers a variety of coaching services, including, Education and Guidance for early childhood educators who are confronted with challenging behaviors in the classroom, ADHD Parent Coaching and Woman’s Empowerment seminars and workshops, She has recently released her new book title: “Recipe for Creating a Peaceful Classroom: A Guide Book for Early Educators.

Tamara has been the recipient of numerous awards attesting to her charitable character and her dedication to children and their families.

Jill LInkoff

Jill Linkoff, ACC, ACAC

Parent Coach & Executive Function /ADHD Coach

Baltimore, Maryland
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Jill is a Certified Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Parent Coach, and Teacher Trainer, specializing in working with adults, college students and parents of children with ADHD. Credentialed in both Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching with additional training in Career Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, and Parent Coaching.

She maintains a private practice in Baltimore, Maryland in addition to working virtually throughout the country by SKYPE and FACETIME utilizing the same coaching standards. She is also available to visit local colleges and universities.

Jill's passion is to make a positive difference in the lives of adults, parents, families, and college students living with ADHD. Extensive and ongoing researched-based training in ADHD and executive function challenges advances her expertise as an ADHD coach.

Andrea Elrom

Andrea Elrom, MA, ACAC

Parent Coach & Executive Function /ADHD Coach

New York, New York
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Andrea Elrom holds her Master’s degree from New York University in Education and is an advanced graduate of ADDCA (ADD COACH ACADEMY). She has worked with children having ADHD for more than 15 Years and offers extensive knowledge on parenting challenging behaviors through workshops, individual and group sessions.  Andrea works closely with Independent schools, focusing on Executive Functions and building on student strengths.

“I have raised two children with ADHD and understand more than most the challenges of complex behavior and the JOYS of their successes. Listening to parents describe their journey, I rarely come across a situation that I have not dealt with in my personal or professional life. I look forward to sharing my experience, strategies, tools, and techniques with you, your child and family as a whole to unwrap the hidden gifts within.” 

Marj Harrison

Marjorie Harrison, MA, ACC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Long Island, New York 
Marjorie is a certified educator and ADHD Coach specializing in working with middle school, high school and college students with Executive Function and/or Attention Deficit Disorders.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and specialty certifications in ADHD Coaching and Life Coaching. Marj’s practice focuses exclusively on ADHD and Executive Function Coaching for students with ADHD and/or Executive Function weaknesses. By addressing and supporting the academic and/or social challenges that exist for these students with structured skill building, she allows them to overcome their roadblocks to success.  Her work with clients includes developing strategies for managing inattentiveness, distractibility, and hyperactivity, identifying academic and personal strengths, identifying areas for growth and change, setting attainable academic goals, and developing the time management, organizational, planning, prioritizing, emotional regulation and study skills needed to achieve these goals. Additional areas of focus include overcoming procrastination and avoidance, increasing self- regulation, test-taking strategies, improving writing skills, student self-advocacy, strengthening self-care, life and social skills. Academic support centers on developing successful study skills and strategies, effective note-taking techniques, textbook reading strategies, and multi-sensory learning methods that are specific to the student’s learning style.  Mindfulness techniques and strategies for overcoming chronic procrastination are emphasized.

KIm Bierbrauer

Kim Bierbrauer, MA CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist and Parent Coach

Denver, Colorado
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Kim is a Denver area speech-language pathologist and ADHD coach. With an MA in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University and a BA in Literature from Binghamton University, she has 18 year’s experience with a wide range of developmental and brain-based learning difficulties in school, hospital, and private practice settings.

She prioritizes collaborating with parents to help gain a better understanding of learning and behavioral challenges associated with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges.  She is passionate in helping parents learn what is getting in the way of their child meeting their goals, and to provide knowledge and strategies to explore new resources to help create a calmer and more positive home environment. By identifying areas of difficulty and frustration and developing a plan to build stronger executive function skills, she will provide ongoing structure, support, and strategies to help you develop problem-solving abilities and explore new perspectives. As your coach,  she will partner with you to identify your goals and design a plan reflective of your values.   She will support you in achieving your goals to help you create a greater sense of balance in life, ultimately gaining confidence and a greater sense of control to help your family thrive.


Laura Solomons

Social Worker/ Parent Coach

Westchester County, New York
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach

Laura is a licensed MSW and ADHD/Life Coach, practicing in Westchester County, New York for more than 20 years. She received her Master’s degree in social work from New York University and went on to become an ADHD/Life Coach through ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy). Laura has extensive experience working with children, teens, and adults around issues of ADHD and executive functioning challenges, and does a lot of collaborative work with schools and parents.  Through a close partnership, she helps clients build skills to carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented way, helping both children and adults with time management, organization, goal setting, and prioritization. 

Laura offers extensive knowledge on parenting challenging behaviors through workshops, individual and group sessions, providing education, tips, tools, strategies, and support.  She drives her clients to use their positive strengths to break through barriers and ultimately live the lives they want to lead. She is passionate about personal development, wellness, taking action, and living a meaningful life.

Ronnie A square

Ronni Aronow, MA, MS

Executive Function/College Transition Coach

Long Island, New York
Ronni has a passion for working with students who struggle, specifically in the areas of Executive Functioning, Social Communication and Stress Management. She offers individualized coaching support to students attending colleges around the country, as well as college-bound high school students, in building the skills they need to succeed. She believes each student is unique and presents a different set of strengths and challenges that need to be addressed and supported for them to reach their greatest potential, and she truly enjoys watching them use their new skills and begin to believe in themselves, as they learn to become their own best advocates.

In addition, her education and training from Lehigh University (BA Social Relations), New York University (MA Elementary Education), Long Island University-CW Post (MS Special Education with a Concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorders) as well as Certification in Coaching Students with Asperger’s Syndrome, and Certification in Teaching Yoga, has provided her with the knowledge and experience to best serve this population and to encourage them to reach their goals. Ronni has   presented at national conferences, and is an annual guest speaker at the LIU Post Autism Seminar.

Helen Kornblum, MA

Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Alachua County, Florida
Helen is a trained life coach who specializes in working with teens and young adults who have attention deficit disorders. She helps them create coping strategies by using their strengths, which enables them to thrive in a linear world. Building teens by recognizing their accomplishments and potential is easier than repairing demoralized adults. Because coaching is about change, Helen encourages teens to pick the changes they want to make, treating every effort as an experiment that deserves a thoughtful review. Feedback from clients about what worked or what didn’t work eliminates harsh judgments. Feedback also makes the coaching relationship a safe refuge for teens who seek extra support while developing their independence.

Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC,

Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Berks County, Pennsylvania
Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC, helps students--middle school through college--with ADHD, learning differences, or executive function challenges develop skills and strategies to become capable and confident. As a former educator for over 15 years, she understands the challenges these students face in school. As a parent of five, she has experienced the roller-coaster ride of raising children with ADHD. Now as a coach, she partners with families to find what works for their children to do their best. Her calm presence enables students to relax and trust her to guide them as they work to build new habits and put plans into action.

She completed training in coaching children, teens, and young adults with ADHD and executive function challenges from JST Coaching and Training. Helen is an International Coaching Federation certified life coach.

Steven Karaiskos

Steven Karaiskos

School Psychologist / Parent Coach / Executive Function & ADHD Coach

Cleveland, Ohio
Licensed PTS CoachingParent Coach

Steven Karaiskos is a veteran educator and psychologist with experience in both independent and public schools supporting and working with learners of all ages.   Steven’s breadth and depth of education include teaching Pre-Kindergarten and adult learners as well as every age group in between.  He has also trained and mentored teachers in reading, behavior management, classroom management and the support of students with learning differences.  

Before becoming an educator, he spent 8-years as project/process manager in the corporate world.  With a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology (ABD), Steven has led professional development opportunities nationwide to provide learning and support for parents, educators, and students on topics such as stress & anxiety, social & emotional development, academic growth, learning differences, gender diversity, and GLBTQ topics. 

Steven is also a passionate advocate and activist for suicide prevention work providing awareness and support to those struggling.   Steven is currently an educator, psychologist, writer, and flaneur in Cleveland, Ohio.

Andrea Yellinek, MS, BCC

Executive Function/ADHD Coach

Queens, New York
Andrea is a trained ADHD and Life Coach, as well as a licensed occupational therapist. As a coach and clinician, she has over 20 years of experience helping individuals with ADHD and executive functions challenges maximize their potential.

As your coach, Andrea brings a broad background in psychology, the neurosciences, and human performance.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University. Since becoming an occupational therapist in 1995, she has worked with individuals with ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, and learning differences in both the school system and private practice.

Later in her career, she joined the coaching community with the hope of serving individuals from a strengths-based approach.  She completed intensive coach training with ADD Coach Academy as well as Mentor Coach.  As a coach, she is committed to assisting adult professionals and college students with executive function challenges, to use their strengths to create more balance, fulfillment, and success in their lives.

Patricia McElligott

Patrice McElligott, MA

Parent Coach, Executive Function/ADHD Coach

San Mateo, California
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Patrice holds a Masters in Special Education along with Clear Multiple Subject and Special Education Credentials. She is an Educational Therapist and qualified Executive Functioning Coach with a vast knowledge of various learning disabilities.  She obtained certification in twice exceptional learning and is thoroughly trained in gifted education. Over the last 25 years, she has worked in both public and private school settings as a teacher, tutor, and learning specialist for students in 2nd – 11th grades.  She is trained in the Lindamood-Bell LIPS Program and uses a variety of strategies including the Visualizing and Verbalizing Program to enhance reading comprehension.  She is highly skilled in teaching writing strategies as well as incorporating Executive Functioning strategies in all aspects of student learning. Her own 3 children are twice exceptional learners, so Patrice has first-hand experience, understanding, and compassion for those kids who just learn differently and the resulting impact on family dynamics. She believes in identifying and promoting a child's strengths, therefore, instilling a more mindful approach and developing their self-awareness. She truly believes that every student can learn when provided the appropriate accommodations in the classroom, as well as knowing and utilizing the strategies that are effective for their own individual style of learning.

Mira Weinfeld, ACC, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist / Parent Coach / ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Westchester, NY
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Mira is a trained ADHD coach, licensed speech-language pathologist, and parent of adolescents with ADHD, executive function difficulties, and related-challenges. She has first-hand experience with the uncertainties, frustration, setbacks, and victories that parents and individuals with ADHD face daily.

Mira enjoys blending knowledge from various disciplines to promote well-being and optimize functioning. In her coaching practice, Mira utilizes a strength-based approach rooted in positive psychology. She partners with clients, helping them expand self-awareness, leverage character strengths, engage in goal-directed behavior, and live more meaningful lives. In her capacity as a speech-language pathologist, Mira has more than ten years of experience working with individuals with ADHD, executive function challenges, learning disabilities, and language-based disorders. She currently provides language/literacy and executive function evaluation and intervention services.

Mira completed her advanced and family ADHD training through ADD Coach Academy. She is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensed in New York and Florida. Affiliations/memberships include the ADHD Coaches Organization, the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, the International Coach Federation, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Mira is also a co-coordinator and board member of her local CHADD Chapter.

Robyn-Parks sq

Robyn Parks CPC, ACC, CACP

Parent Coach, ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Baltimore, Maryland
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Robyn is a certified Life, Parent and ADHD Coach with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a Post- Baccalaureate degree in Elementary and Middle School Education from Point Park University. Robyn has extensive ADHD training and expertise. She completed her coach training form IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching), an accredited coaching program recognized by the International Coach Federation. She earned a graduate certificate from JST Coaching, LLC, a specialized coach training program focused on teaching methods for children, teens and college students with ADHD. Most recently, Robyn completed Professional ADHD Parent Coach Training with Cindy Goldrich, Parenting Specialist.

Faith Halter

Faith Halter

Parent Coach

Arlington, VA
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Faith is an enthusiastic and fully certified ADHD Parent, ADHD, and Executive Coach, with 14 years of coaching experience and many more years of helping to resolve complex personal and organizational issues. She is credentialed at the PCC level by the International Coach Federation.  After years of coaching adolescents with ADHD, Faith realized that PARENTS were the missing piece. It wasn’t enough for parents to bring their kids to her for help. Shifting her focus to parents — either as an integral aspect of coaching adolescents or working directly with parents as her primary clients — offers great multiplier effects.
Faith is passionate about helping her clients navigate daily life with greater confidence and success, and with reduced feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. Working with Faith as your Parent Coach, you will discover the power of self-awareness and new approaches, strategies, and skills to shift family dynamics. You’ll communicate with your kids more effectively, increase collaboration, decrease power struggles, and promote their ability to better understand and appreciate their unique characteristics, tendencies, gifts, and needs.

Terry D'Elisa square

Terry D'Elisa, PsyD, NCSP

Licensed Psychologist/Parent Coach/Executive Function & ADHD Coach

New Canaan, CT
Licensed PTS Coaching Parent Coach
Dr. Terry D’Elisa is a Licensed Psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and Parent Coach.  Dr. D’Elisa received her Master’s Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology from Fairfield University and then went on to complete her doctoral training at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). 

Prior to entering private practice, Dr. D’Elisa worked in both urban and suburban school settings with kindergarten through post-high school aged students.  Dr. D’Elisa’s experience with schools allows her to provide concrete recommendations for children to improve school success. Dr. D’Elisa chose to pursue her doctorate in order to more fully support parents and children. 

As a parent of 5 children, 3 of whom have ADHD, Dr. D’Elisa understands first-hand the struggles these children and families experience. When completing her doctoral program at PCOM, Dr. D’Elisa trained under Dr. George McCloskey, world-renowned expert in the field of Executive Functioning and ADHD. Dr. D’Elisa works with individuals of all ages and strives to create a trusted partnership, to work through challenging behaviors. 

Dr. D’Elisa maintains a psychology practice in New Canaan Connecticut. In addition to Parent/ADHD coaching, Dr. D’Elisa provides psychological evaluations for ADHD/Executive Functioning deficits, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities and other areas of concern.  Dr. D’Elisa also provides therapeutic supports for children, adolescents, and adults.

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