What is Calm & Connected© and APCA©? An interview with Cindy Goldrich and Dulce Torres.

In this interview, Cindy Goldrich discusses with Dulce Torres how Parent Coaching helps the child.

You will learn:

  • How Parent Coaching puts the parent at the center of support for the child.
  • What Cindy’s Calm and Connected© parent workshop is and how it began.
  • What Cindy’s Professional Training, APCA: ADHD Parent Coach Training© is and why it was created.
  • Who are Calm and Connected© and APCA© for?
  • What age are the children of parents who take Calm and Connected©?
  • Am I too late if I have a teenager?
  • What is Session 1 of Calm and Connected©?
  • Does my child have to have ADHD to take Calm and Connected© or the APCA© Professional Training?
  • Can I become a Professional ADHD Parent Coach?

Watch the interview for lots of great information!

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